How Comodo Antivirus works in Android?

There’s no denying that Android is one of the most used operating systems out there. The number of Android users is rapidly increasing through time, allowing cybercriminals to prey on users who are not completely secure against common threats like malware and such. Unfortunately, Android is quite lenient when it comes to third-party downloading of apps, files, and whatnot. This is one of the reasons why some Android users are prone to attacks and threats. To help you secure your device and network against these security risks, consider getting antivirus apps and software.

Comodo Antivirus offers you a mobile security solution for your Android devices. This solution is designed to help you protect your device against malware, viruses, malicious apps, ransomware attacks, keyloggers, and more. Comodo Antivirus believes that the best remedy to all kinds of security incidents is prevention. That’s why it helps you monitor any malicious activities on your Android device before they can cause a major security havoc. Comodo Antivirus also allows you detect any malicious software such as viruses, worms, and the like. Some of the standout features of Comodo Antivirus are the following:

  • Antivirus - Keeps your device safe from all kinds of security threats.
  • SMS/Call Blocking - Blocks emails and calls that contain unsafe content and links.
  • Anti-Theft - Recovers all your lost data.
  • Backup - Helps you create backups for your important data such as contact lists, text messages, and memory card space.
  • Task Scheduler - Scans your device for threats and malware automatically.
  • System Optimizer - Gives you full visibility of all the processes running on your device.

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