Free Security Software For Windows 8

Computer security needs antivirus protection as it will have to be protected from different kinds of malicious software. However, this just does not stop with antivirus protection and also includes a two-way firewall for preventing attacks from outside hackers. A spam filter prevents dangerous and useless emails from entering your inbox. For those with kids, parental control will prevent kids from visiting unethical sites and overusing the internet. Each of these security components can be individually purchased or you can even go in for a security suite, which is a package including all the components you need. This security suite will indeed help you save your money and prevent you from worrying about the interference of unwanted components.

Given below is a list of the most popular and free security software available for Windows 8.

Best Free Security Software for Windows 8

  1. Comodo Antivirus
  2. McAfee Antivirus
  3. Avast Free Antivirus
  4. AVG Free Antivirus
  5. Avira Free Antivirus
  6. BitDefender Free Antivirus

Free Security Software Windows 8
Comodo Antivirus

The free security software Windows 8 offered by Comodo has been particularly designed for Microsoft’s most recent operating system, along with its multi-layered security options, easy-to-use friendly interface, automatic file scanning system and more. You are provided with the best security software suite in the industry, including Windows antivirus protection with Defense+ and Auto Sandbox technology, an enterprise level packet filtering firewall, and a greatly advanced host intrusion prevention system (HIPS).

The free security software edition is a complete version of the software that offers reliable protection from online threats with no time limitation. Comodo Internet Security for Windows 8 is not a stripped down or limited period evaluation product, that is similar to those offered by many vendors. It is possible to upgrade to the advanced Comodo Internet Security for Windows 8 Pro, which includes antivirus and firewall for Windows 8 in order to obtain Comodo’s virus-free guarantee and unlimited live Virus Removal services.

Key features of Comodo Internet Security for Windows 8 include:
  • Personalized protection alerts
  • User-friendly interface
  • Malicious website filtering
  • Spyware scanning
  • Unique slider for different security levels
  • Security 'Wizards'
  • One-click virus scanning
  • Application control
  • Game mode
  • Cloud-based whitelisting
  • Cloud-based behaviour analysis
  • Cloud-based antivirus
  • Auto Sandbox Technology™
  • Default Deny Protection™
  • Prevention-based protection

McAfee Antivirus

This antivirus software is capable of protecting different systems from an extensive range of threats. In order to effectively deal with threats, this software has a number of features and some of them are listed below:

  • It scans files on-access
  • Protection from spyware
  • Firewall protection: outbound and inbound
  • It provides protection against online threats and viruses
  • It prevents you from visiting the risky websites and downloading a dangerous program

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast free security software enhances the performance of your Windows 8 PC. It has advanced features like Cleanup and Browser Cleanup.

Key features include:
  • Provides free access to its mobile protection program in order to protect all web-enabled devices
  • It effectively detects and blocks malware, including rootkits and phishing schemes
  • Allows you to surf the web, connect to social media and carry out online shopping without worrying about what malicious programs trying to gain access to files.

AVG Free AntiVirus

AVG is very effective at both detecting and blocking viruses. With effortless installation and usage, AVG allows you to schedule automatic scans and carries out deep scans instead of only skimming the surface.

Key features include:
  • Stops spyware, viruses and malware
  • Warns you against unsafe web links
  • Scans quietly and quickly
  • Installs in moments
  • Real-time PC protection
  • Email and web protection
  • Updates automatically with the help of real-time analysis
  • Scans your devices and blocks unsafe links, attachments, and downloads

Avira Free Antivirus

This simple, intuitive and attractive antivirus software helps you wield the power of next-gen technologies by just pushing a button. This free security software for Windows 8 is capable of protecting private data against all types of malware including Trojans, ransomware, and spyware.

Key features include:
  • Powered by a combination of artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, and Avira’s endpoint antivirus scanner
  • Gaming mode allows you to play online games without lag or interruptions from system scans and pop-up notifications.
  • When you are playing an online game, the software is capable of automatically adding the URL to the gaming list so it knows you are on a safe site when you visit it again.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus free edition is extremely fast and loaded with the bare-bones protection features essential for all computers. It uses behavioural detection to closely monitor your active apps. Bitdefender antivirus takes immediate action when it detects anything suspicious.

Key features include:
  • It blocks more malware than any other program
  • It warns you of dangerous search results and also prevents you from opening infected files and links
  • It comprises of a personal data filter and a file shredder
  • It safeguards your computer without causing major lag even when you watch videos or play games online
  • On-demand and on-access scanning that runs in the background

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