Android Virus Cleaner – Let’s Get Rid of Your Phone’s Viruses

Similarly, as the PCs or any Windows device, android phones become a victim of viruses too. Though phones are more secure than PCs, they do not eliminate the chance of being infected. When talking about phones’ security, iPhone is another story where security standards are stricter, and hence, an iPhone does not entertain any virus or malicious activity.

Now, if you are an Android user, you can have an Android virus cleaner and make your device malware-free.

Let’s see what it takes to make an Android device tidy

Android Virus Cleaner

A). Recognizing the Root of the Problem

If a virus or malware gets into your phone and makes your device slow or abnormal in any way, then it is because of any past activity. Maybe you downloaded any suspicious file, or you downloaded an app from the third-party source. You may have tapped an app, and the problem started after that. 

While browsing the internet, we can make so many mistakes without realizing and get the virus into the device.

Well, whatever the case is, it can be solved. Let’s get to the solutions here-

B). Different Solutions to Overcome the Virus Problem


#1 Recognizes Any Suspicious App And Uninstall

If you can encounter any app that you can’t recall downloading, it is a virus! You don’t have to open it up; to be safe, it is recommended to delete the app immediately.   

Access your phone’s Settings and then Apps and Notifications  Tap on the app and choose Uninstall In most cases, this solves the trouble, and you should be able to operate your phone smoothly.  

#2 Download and Run an Antivirus


There are specific antivirus programs for phones that you can find using the official app store like PlayStore. This method comes useful when you do not detect any app, but still, your device malfunctions. The antivirus functions to detect all the possible malware on your phone and presents you with the results.  

Avast, Norton, and AVG are some of the well-known antivirus software, but there is no hard and fast rule about sticking to any particular program. You can always switch to any reputed antivirus or the one that seems to be providing quality protection at budget-friendliness.  

Remember: You do not need any RAM booster, fast cleaner, or speed booster like apps in the name of the Android virus cleaner. These kinds of apps ruin your phone even further by actually slowing it down.

#3 Factory Reset the Phone

Well, in most cases, the above two solutions fix the issue. However, if the phone still seems to be problematic, then you can consider the “Factory Reset” option. As this will erase all the data, such as your media, it is recommended that you have a backup of your files before accessing the Reset.  

Once you are done with backing up, follow this path: Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Erase all data. This will take a few minutes, and your phone will be back on track.  

#4 Keep Your Phone Safe Afterward


Following these solutions will let you have a clean phone again. However, there is no benefit of performing all these operations if you do not improve the way you handle your device.  

You need to stop downloading apps from third-party sources, and you need to observe the files you are downloading from the browser. You also need to avoid any suspicious sites or sites that flood your phone with pop-ups.  

Following these disciplines while accessing your phone would keep those viruses at bay.   

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When you think of an Android virus cleaner, it always should be an antivirus. Also, make sure the antivirus does not make the device slow and occupies fair space. Stay away from those bulky antivirus programs and switch to a light, user-oriented, and embedded with updated virus detecting algorithms antivirus.

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