Why Comodo Antivirus for Android?

The rate of the usage of android mobile devices has been increased exponentially high. This demand has made the hackers more curious to generate malicious apps and hence to steal information. Most of the malicious infections are done through the third party app download. Comodo offers Antivirus for Android to defend the entry and interference of such malicious files and apps

Comodo offers exclusive mobile security solution for Android based mobile devices through its remarkable product, Antivirus for Android. COMODO Mobile Security (CMS) is designed to protect your Android devices against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky settings and even from theft. The Android Antivirus App from Comodo is a remarkable solution Mobile Antivirus that protects your privacy and keeps your system optimized.

Android Antivirus

The Mobile Android antivirus APP helps to protect your personal information such as photos, contacts, etc., videos personal contacts and much more. Comodo's Mobile Antivirus offers a significant rate of detection of malicious mobile threats. Comodo Mobile Security restricts unauthorized calls, prevents the attack of ransomware, obstructs banking Trojans from accessing or stealing of your android device data.

A perfect way for Mobile Security is through Comodo Antivirus for Android.

Features of Comodo Android Antivirus

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Version: v 2.7.4   Language: English

Comparison of Comodo Android Antivirus with Others

SMS / Call Blocking
Traffic Monitoring
System Health Check
Process Manager
Scheduling Task
Real-Time Scan
Private Space
Private Contacts
Private SMS
Private Call
Software Manager
App Manager
App Locker
Remote Locate
SIM Change Alerts
Sound an Alarm
Remote Device Lock
Remote Device Wipe
Avast AVG Kaspersky Lookout NetQin Norton
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Version: v 2.7.4   Language: English

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