Importance of Business Security

You must have worked hard to build your business. It is more important for every business to consider the importance of its security. Business owners should be aware of the security breaches that are all set by the hackers to compromise their business and hence ruin the customer's data. Most of the small businesses do not prioritize to secure their businesses from malicious thieves as they think that they are not the hacker's target. Businesses be it small or big, all deal with money transaction and confidential data. So business antivirus is important irrespective of the type and size of business.

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    Secure your Business data and Limit Access

  • A company deals with lot of employees, Limit the access to certain websites that are really needed for the employees to perform the job. Do not let them access unwanted websites that can create an havoc, ripping off the entire network to let the hackers take over it.
  • Each employee should be provided with the separate login access through which they can login the system. It is also important for them to avoid sharing passwords with the other employees.

Why Choose Comodo Antivirus for Small Business Security?

As per research, it has been found that about 50% of small businesses are in the arms of cyber attack and there is going to be an increase in the count in future. Comodo well known for its security products and services provide innovative and distinct detection technologies to protect businesses against latest threats and malware before they intrude the infection on the computers. With our next generation techniques, like Auto Sandboxing, Defense+ technology and Host Intrusion Prevention we help businesses to prevent data loss, phishing attacks, and also block illegitimate websites and hence stay protected from security data breaches.

Comodo assures proven statement on security through its antivirus and internet security suite, developed in mind to protect businesses. It helps in effective prevention of malware and helps in malware removal from infected computers. Securing business oriented data is critical as it deals a lot of client related data. With security breaches going on the higher end, business are at the higher security risk.

With Comodo Antivirus and Internet Security you can protect your business. It helps in PC protection with its following traits:

  • Cloud based Antivirus: It helps to keep a track of any existing malware that is hidden in a PC and delete them instantly as and when found. The cloud based antivirus helps to stay away even from the latest threats, even before the virus definitions get updated.
  • Auto sandboxing technology: This is a perfectly designed technique that is proven best for businesses. It helps to run any unknown files that comes your way in an isolated sandboxed environment, hence causing no damage to the system. If the unknown file is found to be vulnerable when executed in the virtual space they are removed instantly. This helps the user to stay away from zero day threats.
  • Defense+ Technology: This helps to block malware even before it gets installed in your system.
  • Host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS): This protects the host-based systems, It identifies malicious activities, attempts to stop it, and report it. It controls network traffic or other system functions for malicious activity.
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