Virus Protection Software

What is Virus Protection Software?

Virus Protection is key to a system or network security to battle against viruses, worms, trojans and all kinds of malware using different technologies. It integrates technologies like antivirus, anti-spyware, firewalls etc.

Virus Protection

What are the Measures to be Adopt for Best Virus Protection?

  • Use of Antivirus
  • Use of Firewall
  • Keeping Software updated
  • Download only trusted programs
  • Avoid pirated software
  • Be cautious about Phishing and Social Engineering
  • Be wise with Passwords

Use of Antivirus Protection Software

The first line of defence in PC security is installing an antivirus. It is vital to choose an antivirus that best suits your requirements to protect your computer even from the most dangerous zero day threats, those that have not yet been diagnosed by security analyst. There are many antivirus products, but only Comodo is architected to thwart even zero day threats.

Use of Firewall

Firewall along with antivirus for virus protection stands as the first line of defence in the mechanism of PC security. Always ensure that the built-in firewall is enabled. It is also important to configure the Firewall correctly. Firewall blocks suspicious programs and hence provides PC security.

Keeping Software updated - It is not just about installing a software and application in your system, be it security software or an operating system or any other application. Software that you install can end up having some security issues. Hence updating the software that is already installed in your system can prevent the hackers from exploiting the system and thereby making it prone to malicious attacks.

Download only trusted programs - Ensure that you download and run programs and applications from a trusted source. Also make sure you do not open any executable software that comes as email attachments.

Avoid pirated software - if you want to ensure PC security. It is the best choice to avoid cracked or pirated software. There are culprits who provides malicious programs in the form of useful software that might let a less experienced user to run the program, thereby getting infected.

Be cautious about Phishing and Social Engineering - Do not share sensitive and personal information online. Though there is a protective measure that is offered by Browsers to protect from phishing attacks, they cannot be perfect any day. Make sure that you share your details over the network only to authenticated individuals and websites. Do not dare to click on links that are sent to you through mails, they might direct you to malicious sites.

Be wise with Passwords - It is advisable to use a wise combination of alphabets either big or small, numerals, characters and so. Do not use the same password for all the accounts that you have over the network. Implement the use of unique password for each of your accounts.

Consider the following practises as a rule of thumb to aid PC security by protecting and preventing attack of malware like viruses, key loggers, ransomware, computer worms, Trojan horses and more

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