What You Should Know About The Android Virus Remover Programs

“Smartphones Are a Boon For The Humans Beings of the 21st Century.”

Anyone active on social media has a smartphone.
Everyone who has a smartphone, especially Android, knows one thing.
There are thousands of applications available on the Google Play Store.
Unfortunately, some designed with the malicious intent of not only invading a user’s privacy but also stealing their data.

It is here the term Android Virus appears

android virus remover

“What is the Android Virus?”

The Android virus is a group of infectious applications that target smartphones and tablets running the Android OS. Some signs of these applications being on a smartphone include the user redirected to suspicious websites and intrusive advertisements. Several threats as Trojans, infostealers, and DNS hijackers can completely take over the device.

“The Extent Of The Damage By Android Virus”

A malicious application on your Android smartphone will provide root access to a hacker, download malware, and prevent the phone from removing the program.
You need to look for an effective android virus remover program with the capability to prevent the infiltration of such apps in the first place. It damages the phone by reducing the battery life, using internet resources, and stealing private information of the user.

What About the Symptoms of Android Virus Infection

The infection of an Android virus is a frustrating experience, as it sends out continuous push ads, which signify that something is wrong with your mobile device.

A Word to the Wise

Mobile security experts recommend that one should avoid clicking on lottery-based ads, which interrupt the normal functioning of the phone once the user clicks on them.

Apart from this, you need to pay attention to some signs of infection as continuous freezing of the device.

A telltale sign of virus infection is the phone freezing during internet browsing, which requires installing a reliable antivirus program.

Pay attention to the monthly phone bill, as a virus infection can also register the user for premium service without them knowing about it.

“The Solution”

The number one solution to this dilemma is looking for an effective android virus remover program, which will keep the risk of infection away.


The Marcher Android Trojan, also known as the ExoBot, is a banking malware existent since 2013. It upgraded in 2017 and 2018 and uses three dangerous components namely malware, credential phishing, and banking data theft. The virus spread through SMS or MMS but soon developed a different distribution system. It includes sending a shortened link to a phishing site via email to avoid detection.

“What About Infected Android Applications? Are There Any”?

The world of Android applications is neither too hard nor too easy to infect. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the three most infected Android applications to avoid at all costs.

  1. Funnwebs.com
    • An adware-type program targeting Android smartphone and tablet users. It lures users with social engineering techniques to subscribe for notifications.
    • The application creates commercial content, which fills up the screen of the phone.
  2. Lastacloud Virus
    • The Lastacloud virus is a Trojan horse and goes by the name of Android. Lastacloud.
    • The virus spreads actively as updates for WhatsApp and Android phone browsers.
    • It steals personal information, including contact lists, accounts assessed using the internal and external storage of the phone.
    • Lastacloud can also infect the phone system using other cyber attacks. You should invest in an android virus remover program to get this problem taken care of.
  3. Android Ransomware
    • Using clickjacking techniques, the Android Ransomware gets access to the admin rights of your smartphone.
    • The virus can gain access to the device via other malicious applications. It will encrypt the files and lock the device.

“How You Can Keep Your Smartphone Safe Against Such Issues”

We have the perfect solution to rid your smartphone of these issues. Yes! We are talking about one of the best android antivirus programs - drum rolls, please

Comodo Antivirus
If you want to know why we recommend this one program and not some other, then read below.

  • Safe Internet Browsing Whether you are on Facebook or checking out the latest news, Comodo’s Safe Browsing features keep your phone away from all harmful websites and links.
  • Application Lock With the free applock, you can now keep sensitive applications out of reach of anyone when not around the smartphone.
  • The Vault Keep all your sensitive documents and files in a protected folder to protect against unauthorized access.


If your smartphone has been the victim of unauthorized access to files and sensitive information, then invest in an android virus remover program. It will not only keep all your sensitive data safe but also protect it against any online threat.

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