Antivirus for Android Phones

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It might come as a surprise to you but Android phones are one of the easily targeted devices by cyber attackers. This is especially so since most Android phone users do not give much thought about having an antivirus for Android phones.

In this modern age of deep internet penetration and digital revolution where at least every adult owns a smart phone, cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly easy and rampant. So how does your Android phone become vulnerable?

Antivirus for Android Phones

Every time you download online content, click on malicious adverts, or even install apps disguised as genuine apps, you risk getting attacked by malicious programs that may hide within the system. This is especially so for spyware and cookie trackers that analyze your online activity and sell this personal information to the highest bidder in the black market. In other instances, your phone's camera and other features may be accessed and used to monitor your activities.

It is therefore important to ensure that you are protected by an antivirus for Android phones that is effective, swift, with 100% guarantee to ensure you're always protected. Don’t wait until you’ve been attacked. Act now.

Virus Scan for Android Phones

Just like your personal computer or Mac, your Android phone deserves regular virus scans to identify malicious apps and programs that might have been installed on your system. As stated, these apps may come disguised as genuine applications, or it could be a promotional email you received that contained Trojan horses and other worms.

It is therefore important to have an antivirus for Android phones installed to help you mitigate such risks. Even more displeasing are the rampant adware that have become a staple for Android users. Antimalware from a reputable company can help sort out this problem and protect you from such attacks.

If you have a minor who owns a smart phone, make sure that their phone is protected by an antivirus. It goes without saying that they may not be necessarily conversant with cyber-attacks and are therefore more prone to such attacks.

How to Detect a Virus on Your Android

A virus is a piece of code or program designed to replicate itself and attach itself to executable sections of the operating system in order to perform its functions. These functions are usually contrary to what the device should be performing and end up compromising the data and information of the user.

Since a majority of people own Android phones these days, such attacks have become rampant. They mine your personal data and sell it to the highest bidder in the black market. If your phone is not protected, your data could be somewhere right now being used to manipulate you into making decisions. For example, showing you ads of things, you wouldn't necessarily have bought, or campaigns for a particular politician.

It is therefore important that you know how to detect a virus on your Android phone. Here are the tell-tale signs of a phone infected with a virus:

  • If you have apps on your phone that you never downloaded.
  • If your phone suddenly becomes slower, hangs, or crashes regularly.
  • The battery consumption of the phone has increased and it dies faster.
  • There's a lot of pop-up ads.
  • Your data usage has gone up exponentially.

How to Clean your Phone from Virus

If you are certain that your phone has been infected with a virus, then there are several ways you can get rid of the virus from your phone. The first one that will ensure all your data is retained is installing an anti-virus from a reputable company. Most antivirus software for PC also have an Android version, so you can be sure you'll find one in Play Store. Once installed, run a virus scan and if any virus is detected, apply the remedies the antivirus app will suggest.

The other way you can get rid of the virus is by resetting your phone to factory settings. This deletes all data and apps ever downloaded, all data saved in the memory, and reverts the phone back to the initial position it was before it was bought. If there's any viruses in the phone, they will also be deleted and cleaned. However, ensure that your personal data is backed up. Do not back up the app data as this will result to the viruses getting reinstalled once your back up data is restored.

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