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How can we avoid online dangers?

There are downsides, however, and the most obvious is that our personal information can flow into the wrong hands. Worst case, you could have your bank accounts drained by identity thieves. Sad today, the worst case is happening more and more these days. Use Comodo Internet Security and Antivirus. Comodo’s default deny architecture with auto-sandboxing allows you to operate safely even when confronted with a zero day threat.

What do you mean by Stay Safe Online?

Information flows today like never before. That’s because we have replaced impressions made on pieces of paper for storage with ones and zeros represented by electronically. We have built vast networks where ones and zeros that make up almost everything that is knowable about a person can flow almost as fast as the light can shine.

What are the tips to stay safe online?

You could have your bank accounts drained by identity thieves. Here are a few tips to keep that from happening.
1. Regular clear your computers temporary files and cookies,
2. Use strong passwords,
3. Beware of social media.