Does Antivirus Stop Hackers?

Hacking involves an unauthorized entry into a network or computer with the intention of manipulating or stealing sensitive data. You might not know, but hackers utilize Rootkit, Trojan, and Keylogger to gain access to a user’s computer.

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Some of the signs that a computer under the control of a hacker displays are random pop-up windows, changes in the home page, slow computer performance, and mass emails sent from the user’s account.
An important thing to remember is hackers always hit systems not having any sort of data and internet protection plan in place.

Does Antivirus Stop Hackers

If you want to get rid of this issue, then one of the ways is installing a spyware and virus removal program.
You need an effective antivirus program to handle any attempts at hacking. The most common question on everyone’s mind before installing an antivirus program is does antivirus stop hackers.

Can Antivirus Stop Hackers?

Majority of computer users believe that antivirus programs only keep a check on any signs of a virus infection. What users do not know is hackers these days use sophisticated tools to cause maximum damage. Hence, if you want to know does antivirus stop hackers then read on to know the answer.

  1. Removes Trojans
    Trojan horse refers to an infected program, which the hackers aim to install inside a computer system to gain access to the data.
    An antivirus program designed with the goal of intercepting these programs. In short, the antivirus program level up the computer’s security and removes the back door entry points.
  2. Virus
    Antivirus programs are best at detecting any type of infected file or executable program.
  3. Adware and Spyware
    You browse the internet only to come across free screensavers and weather widgets. The antivirus program helps to get these out of the system before they attempt installation.


How Does Comodo Antivirus Stop Hackers from intruding your device?

Many users might install an antivirus program on their computer; they might not get the same advantage on their smartphones.

Finding an antivirus program is a headache. However, once you have got yourself the right one, it is time to make the best use of it.

Many users ask does antivirus stop hackers from accessing someone’s precious phone data.

However, you might be a bit surprised to know that both Android and iOS do not require any external security program to safeguard the data. It is itself a major improvement in the smartphone OS.

Still, the majority of users stay connected to the internet 24x7 where there is a high chance of a hacker attempting to access their sensitive data, including photos and videos.

It would be a good idea to try the Comodo Antivirus program, which offers some of the best features, including bot protection, anti-rootkit, and anti-spyware among others.

The Solution to Prevent Hacking on Android Mobile Using Antivirus

The first step to securing your smartphone against hacking is choosing software based on its reviews. There are many options available in the android play store, including Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, and Avast.

However, we recommend you try Comodo antivirus, which offers advanced protection against hacking. Some of the features provided by Comodo include containment methods, defense plus technology, and sandboxing.

Users can choose to activate or deactivate the different security parts, including website filtering, Firescope, and HIPS. Comodo is much smarter than the majority of antivirus programs available on the app store.

The program has several layers of hi-tech protection against online threats and attacks. Other features of this antivirus program include on-demand scanning, spyware protection, and free updates.

Hence, if you want the answer to does antivirus stop hackers then with Comodo the answer is a big YES.

Download Comodo Antivirus Software

Are you still skeptical about installing Comodo antivirus program to save your smartphone from hacking? Comodo comes with advanced auto-sandbox technology, memory firewall, and anti-malware to keep your android phone safe.

If you want to keep, your PC and smartphone up and running without any issues, choose Comodo.

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