What is browser hijacking?

Browser hijacking is when an attacker compromises your internet browser to launch an attack on your computer or steal your confidential data. For example, a browser hijacker could change your home page, search engine or DNS provider so they link to malicious content.

Browsers are most people's primary point of contact with the internet, which makes them an irresistible target for malicious actors. Control somebody's browser and you can control and monitor what they do on the internet. You can force them to download malware, send them to a phishing website or record the confidential information they type into a payment form.

Hijack Cleaner's powerful scanner will comprehensively check your browser settings and remove malware from your system. What's more, this is a portable application which doesn't require installation - just download, open the app and quickly run a scan.

How do hijackers get on my computer?

Many browser hijackers are actually a form of adware/spyware known as a 'Potentially Unwanted Application' (PUA). PUA's have functionality which is not made clear to the user, and are often bundled as an 'extra' with another piece of software that you installed.

For example, you might decide to install a utility that downloads videos from YouTube, only to find it also installs a browser toolbar which tells you the weather forecast. Except that the toolbar also tracks your online activity, records your keystrokes and serves you unwanted adverts.

Comodo Hijack Cleaner is your first line of defense against such attacks by PUAs and adware. If you go online a lot, then we recommend you scan your browsers at least once per week. The application does not require installation, takes seconds to run a full scan, and is completely free. So what are you waiting for?

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