How Does Antivirus Software Clean Viruses?

Antivirus programs function as a shield against viruses and malicious software. They create a security layer against various harmful elements to keep your devices secure. When not having an active antivirus, these threats enter PCs, phones, or laptops, the very moment you connect to the internet.

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Lots of companies every year bring different revolutionary approaches in terms of making their antivirus programs perform better. To build a secure layer against any adverse situation, having an antivirus is always recommended.

Let’s proceed further on how do antivirus programs detect and identify a virus and how you can make use of them.

How Do Antivirus Programs Detect and Identify A Virus

Remove Existing Virus Using Antivirus

It may not always be possible to keep the antivirus continuously updated or even activated. Every day, you all perform operations using the internet such as downloading any email attachment, visiting a malicious site or just inserting that hard drive that already contains viruses.

All these things make your device malfunction in the absence of an antivirus program. As a result, you may experience data loss, poor performance, or system crashing-like issues.

To solve the existing viruses, you can install and activate the antivirus and make it work. Here is how to do it:

  • You first need to open the antivirus program whichever it is. Generally, the icon can be located on the bottom right corner of the taskbar.
  • From there, hover over the program’s icon and right-click it. For example, if the application is window’s default one, it should say “Windows Defender Security Center” when you tap or click the icon.
  • Clicking it opens up the interface of the program where you will be able to access all the functionalities.
  • Different programs may have different terminologies for scanning, but the idea remains the same. As an example, it may state “Virus & threat protection.”
  • Once you click it, the program represents you with various types of scan. There is a quick scan, full-time scan, boot scan. Based on the time availability and the severity of the issue, a user opts for one.
  • Once you select, the scanning begins, and within a specific period, the program prompts you with a list.
  • The list contains all the malicious files because of the detection. It also includes files that are affected. A user can choose to either delete the affected files or recover them.
  • As per the action is taken, the function gets initiated, and in a few minutes, you get prompted with a “successful” message. This way, you remove the existing viruses and malicious software using an antivirus program.


How Antivirus Software Works?

An antivirus program brings the multi-layered security strategy in use to filter every file a user goes through. These software programs have their own database with patterns that the viruses use. On scanning of each file, if any file seems to repeat any of these patterns, the antivirus blocks the file or deletes it.

These antivirus programs follow different detection techniques and two major ones are here-

  1. Heuristics-Based Detection
    Heuristics-based detection takes place on “how do antivirus programs detect and identify a virus.” The method detects the viruses by examining the code of the file and observes any malicious or suspicious properties.
    This is a more advanced type of detection technology to spot the virus in real-time. The files having modified threat patterns are recognized using this detection type.
  2. Behavioral Detection
    As its name implies, the method looks for the suspicious behavior of a file. If a file is found to be changing the host files or releasing any malicious code, then the antivirus blocks it right away.

When these detection techniques are used together, the antivirus program creates a practical and secure environment for overall programs and files.

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All Things Considered

So, this was about “how do antivirus programs detect and identify a virus.” While choosing an antivirus program, consider the brand reputation and users’ recommendations about the product. This way, you can be surer about your decision, and follow the steps given to scan your device for the infected files.


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