What is a phishing website?

A phishing website is a fake copy of a well known website which is designed to trick you into submitting confidential information such as payment card numbers, login details and bank account information.

The most widespread types of phishing sites are for online banking, online payment systems like PayPal and popular social media sites like Facebook.

It can be almost impossible for the average user to detect when they are on one of these sites because they are designed to look exactly the same as the original, right down to the final detail.

Comodo Online Security takes the guesswork out of online browsing and will warn you immediately if you encounter a website that contains phishing or malware.

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Team Comodo is on your side

Comodo Online Security lets home users benefit from the same worldwide threat intelligence network used by Comodo's family of Enterprise Security solutions.

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Working round-the-clock, Comodo Threat Research Labs discovered more than 25 million malware incidents in 223 top-level country code domains in 2017 alone. We discovered over 11 million unknown files per week and blocked over 15,000 attacks per customer per month.

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