This is How You Should Purchase A Virus Protector in 2020

“The Year 2020 has been one of the worst years for many big businesses owing to increasing cyber-attacks.”

It will come as a shock but this year has witnessed some of the worst cyber breaches so far. As per CSHUB, “Cyber attacks have managed to impact big industry players including the Indian IT outsourcing giant Wipro facing phishing attacks; Dunkin Donut’s reporting a credential stuffing attack, Automobile giant Toyota facing a data breach, the Walmart email breach, and Citrix network breach.

“It Is But Just the Tip Of The Iceberg”

Whether you’re PC or laptop faces a simple virus infection, spyware, or malware program; it has become vital to get a reliable virus protector to keep things on an even keel. With so much cybercrime infecting millions of computers worldwide daily, searching for an antivirus program is not a walk in the park anymore.

“The umpteen number of antivirus programs in the market confuses a Non-IT person. What to do?”

Virus Detector 2020

We know that the majority of customers purchase an antivirus program without having ample knowledge about the product.


It is time we take a different route.
We will share the top three sins, which you should never commit while searching for an antivirus program.

  1. Privacy

    • Make sure to read the privacy statement of the antivirus vendor, as they collect the user’s PC data for improving the product.
    • However, some upload suspicious files from your computer to the vendor’s cloud.
    • Make sure the vendor handles all user’s files safely and follows the industry ethics. In short, any breach of privacy, no matter how small is a big NO.
  2. Do not take the privacy feature of an antivirus program lightly. It makes all the difference between your data remaining private and the neighbor knowing where you went on holiday.

  3. System on Impact

    • There is no benefit of investing in an antivirus program, which boasts of the best virus detection rates but slows down the PC during every scan.
    • The reason behind this issue is the poor optimization of the program. Moreover, a virus protector loaded with unwanted features can affect PC performance.
    • A reliable antivirus would always be efficient, fast, and have minimal impact on your PC’s working.
  4. Virus Detection Rate

    • When it comes down to purchasing an antivirus program for your PC, one of the chief factors includes reasonable detection rates.
    • The detection rate refers to the capability of the program to protect your computer against new and existing threats.

Ignore the antivirus program with a reduced detection rate even if the vendor claims it to be the best data protection program.

“What Should a Person Look For In An Antivirus Program”?

Now that we are clear about what to avoid while purchasing an antivirus program, let us look at the two crucial parameters to consider when purchasing a virus protector program.

  1. System Compatibility

    • A Mac or Linux system does not guarantee a 100% protection against malware.
    • Whatever be the operating system, ensure the program is compatible with the device.
    • You do not want to buy a program, go home only to find out the system does not support it.
  2. Ease of Removing Virus

    • The first thing to do while purchasing an antivirus program is looking for the software used for removing an infection.
    • The features to look out for in an antivirus program include an updated registry of information on the latest Trojans, spyware, and Rootkits.
    • Another thing worth noting is that your PC should not move slowly as a turtle while there is a scan in progress.

These are the two significant parameters of having a reliable virus protector program on your computer system.

“Yes! We Have Just The Thing For You”

Comodo antivirus offers the PC much more than just scanning for viruses and infected files.
Some of the features available with Comodo antivirus include:

  • Cloud-based scanning to provide superior protection against the latest threats
  • Intelligent protection to remove unknown and suspicious files
  • Easy-to-install interface
  • Regular updates for keeping the PC always ahead of any virus attack
  • Default Deny Protection to permit only safe applications to run on the PC
  • Spyware scanning to keep the PC free of malware infection
  • Game Mode to let users enjoy their gaming session without interruption


When you are looking forward to buying not just any but the best virus protector program, then these guidelines would help you decide.

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