Antivirus Programs to Download Along with Your VPN

While using an anti virus program is a must to ensure a computer's or a network's security, it's actually a smarter move if you combine it with a reliable VPN product.

VPNs are the perfect tool if you don't want anybody else using the same connection to gain access to your emails, banking details, personal and company information, etc. This is made possible as a VPN creates a secure internet connection by encrypting your data and tunneling it through another location. In short, it's your best protection when you have no choice but to use public WiFi as it prevents others from monitoring your connection.

Similarities Between a VPN and an Anti Virus download

Although VPNs and anti virus programs differ in technicalities, they're more similar to each other when it comes to two things:

Securing your data

An anti virus download continuously runs on your device once successfully installed and scans it for malware that has already breached your computer and is possibly trying to steal your data or corrupt your device. VPNs, on the other hand, encrypt your traffic so that an unauthorized third party cannot access your information at all.

Preventing identity theft

A dependable VPN and anti virus program are both designed to fight against identity theft. An anti virus program scans through incoming traffic and notifies you against clicking malicious links while a VPN encrypts all of your transmitted data so no one can actually steal your personal details.

Unfortunately, some anti virus programs may clash and block your VPN connection. This is because it's their main goal to prevent and block unknown connections from and to your computer. As such, it's crucial for you to find the right anti virus download, such as Comodo Internet Security (CIS), which doesn't cause any issue with your choice of VPN tool.

Take A Look At A Few More Suggestions Below

Kaspersky Lab Antivirus

Kaspersky Lab Antivirus comes with a top-notch security feature that keeps your PC protected from viruses and many online threats. While it's easily compatible with different devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, it's also ideal to run on low-end computers with its simple user interface and minimal impact on system performance. Some of its penny-worthy features include parental controls, a hardened browser, anti-spam, virtual keyboard, and firewall. You can find a free version of this anti virus program with limited features but still suitable for anyone looking for temporary and basic security options.

Bitdefender Total Security

When it comes to an anti virus download that doesn't only provide effective protection against malware and viruses but also works well with a lot of VPN tools, Bitdefender is a great choice for many. It also comes with its own integrated VPN, which offers up to 200 MB of traffic on a daily basis. Some of the other important facets include file encryption, ransomware protection, game mode, as well as a hardened browser feature. In short, Bitdefender comes with all the essential features to protect your device against potential cyberattacks.

Eset NOD32 Antivirus

Eset NOD32 is an anti virus program mainly focused on removing and detecting malware and viruses from your computer. While it makes this tool come with fewer features compared to the others, Eset NOD32 can detect and block ransomware, PowerShell access, and exploits with great accuracy. It also has a Device Control feature, which limits the risk of contamination when other devices are connected to the infected device via Bluetooth or USB.

Heimdal Thor

Made by Heimdal Security, which was founded in 2011, Heimdal Thor is an anti virus download that offers complete protection to users, such as anti-malware and internet security. Not to mention it comes equipped with a DarkLayer Guard feature, which can detect threats at DNS, HTTP, HTTPS layers even before they can reach your device. It also has an X-Ploit Resilience feature, which can auto-update your apps and prevent any exploitation of your data.

Comodo Internet Security

For outstanding protection to go along with your VPN, Comodo Internet Security is the best choice. It offers real-time protection to spot and eliminate known malware before it can wreak havoc to your computer. It also lets you shop and bank online with its secure shopping feature without the fear of being hacked, tracked, or viewed by malware or internet thieves.

If you really want to ensure that your devices and network are protected against nasty viruses and lurking cybercriminals, using both a genuine VPN and trusty anti virus program together is the safest and most secure way to browse the web. By encrypting your connection and continuously scanning your device for malware, you're creating maximum online security anywhere and anytime.