Antivirus For Windows Operating System

Being the most popular Operating System, Windows OS is and will continue to be a much-favored target among the hacking community. Therefore, while PC users enjoy the benefits Windows OS has to offer, they should be aware of the threat of malware,  which may rain down upon it on any given day.

Antivirus for Windows
Additional Security Measures Are Absolutely Necessary 

Inbuilt Windows Security is never going to be sufficient. Because the security attack vectors of today are just too many to be handled.  We no longer live in a world where e-mail attachments or web downloads are the only sources of malware infection. Simply put, your Windows OS needs additional layers of protection in the form of antivirus for Windows or, maybe, much more, depending on your requirements.

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How to Protect Windows OS from Virus Threats

  1. Always Keep Your Windows OS Up-to-Date
  2. Ensure Other Applications Are Up-to-Date
  3. Don't Neglect The Traditional Antivirus
  4. Use A Proactive Security Solution
  5. Use Local Account Instead Of Microsoft Account
  6. Keep User Account Control Always Turned On
  7. Perform Regular Back-Ups
  8. Keep Your Browser Updated
  9. Turn Off Location Tracking
  10. Use The Internet Wisely
Final Thoughts:

Windows OS is probably the best. That's the reason why it has such a following – despite the security threats. And there's nothing wrong with sticking with it. Just ensure you beef it up with the right security products and follow the security best practices. These will ensure your Windows OS stays safe no matter what.