How to Keep Your Children Safe Online

The Internet has opened a lot of doors of opportunities when it comes to learning, which is why it has become one of the best learning resources for kids these days. However, it also poses a risk to kids as it exposes them to online scams, cyberbullies, and sexual predators. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can follow to keep your kids safe online, starting with investing in a good antivirus software download to using parental controls to monitor your children’s online activities.

Educate Your Kids About the Importance of Cybersecurity and Online Risks

Explain to your kids both the benefits and risks that come with using the Internet. Show them safe Internet browsing methods, what malicious sites look like, the dangers of cyberbullying, and the signs that should warn them against bad people on the Internet. The more you talk about cybersecurity, the more aware your kids become and the easier it will be for them to understand when they are at risk online. You might want to talk about avoiding spam or malware, using social media accounts safely, reading the right blogs, staying away from online scams, recognizing an infected computer, and using the right antivirus software download like Comodo.

Antivirus Software Download

Install an Antivirus Program on Your Children’s Devices

Kids who are focused on downloading the latest updates of their favorite video games or browsing suspicious websites may run into some malicious links. But you can rely on an antivirus software download like Comodo Internet Security to run to the rescue by automatically running a suspicious executable file in its patented virtual container, preventing it from accessing your computer and data. The file is then analyzed using various VirusScope techniques to see if it is harmful or not. If the VirusScope of the antivirus software download fails to give a verdict, the file then gets sent to researchers for human analysis.

Comodo also comes with other protective features such as antivirus, anti-malware, anti-rootkit, anti-spyware, bot protection, Defense+ that prevents malware from installing in the first place, and memory firewall.

Set Time and Usage Limits

Don’t let your kids get addicted to the seemingly endless barrage of entertainment and information online. Set them a specific number of hours and time when they can go on the Internet and what they can and cannot do. While an effective antivirus software download can keep away malicious files, you can also be proactive about it by teaching your kids to stay away from potential sources of viruses and similar harmful programs.

Let Your Kids Educate You About Their Internet Habits

Talk to your kids about how they use their social media platforms. Listen to them even if it seems like it would take time for you to absorb and understand what they are saying. This will help you keep their online habits in check and can give you a better understanding of what they do online and why they do it, something that you cannot get from merely spying on their devices. They will likely feel great too about being able to teach you something about their world just like how you feel good after educating them about the importance of using an antivirus software download for cybersecurity.

Only Use Up-to-Date Software on Your Kids’ Gadgets

Don’t let your kids use a computer or device with outdated software. A Windows OS-run device must have the latest security patches to secure your kids’ computers and their data. You can install antivirus software download such as Comodo, but you should also complement its security features by downloading the latest software patches. If left alone, hackers and scammers will exploit the security flaws in your kids’ devices.

Use a Parental Control Solution to Keep Track of Your Kids’ Online Activities

You can’t be around your kids 24/7, but you can still monitor their activities on the Internet by setting up parental controls. This software records the websites your kids visit, controls the amount of time they spend on the Internet, notifies you of any unusual activity, and blocks malicious sites from your kids’ reach. This can help your antivirus software download work at securing your kids against harmful elements online.

Secure Your Wireless Network At Home

Set up a strong password for your Wi-Fi at home to prevent neighbors and other malicious individuals from accessing your network and your data. Change your default home network’s name to something generic without revealing any personal information, such as your name. Activate network encryption to strengthen its security. These are only among the steps you can take to increase your Wi-Fi’s security.

Just like how you want to keep your home Wi-Fi secure, remind your kids not to connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. Your antivirus software download might have to work overtime if you expose your devices to online risks this way.

For a security suite that can help keep your children safe while browsing online, choose Comodo Internet Security. It is ready to provide all the necessary protection against malicious programs and online threats. With years of experience in delivering reliable security solutions, you can never go wrong with Comodo Internet Security.