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The Growing Problem of Webcam Hacking | AV Antivirus

New research has shown that over 15,000 private, online cameras are vulnerable and accessible to anyone interested. This is courtesy of the malware focusing on exposing your webcam. And this has become a persistent problem, especially as more and more people are using Internet of Things (IoT) devices without taking proper security measures. This is all the more reason why you should start running an AV antivirus program now!

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But why is webcam hacking becoming a persistent issue? You exposed yourself to hackers who might use your webcam to spy on you because of the following reasons:

All Web-connected Cameras Can Become a Spycam

This applies to your webcam to your smartphone. All it takes is a malicious or vengeful person to take advantage of these vulnerabilities and hijack your webcam, turning your life into a little reality show.

Remote computer access is quite common, particularly when you ask for help from customer support. During that call, you might be required to follow a few instructions so someone entirely from the other side of the world can access your computer and fix it.

Unfortunately, this method is also taken advantage of by malicious people, who would get into your computer and install a Remote Access Trojan (RAT). This then becomes their ultimate hacking weapon. But an excellent AV antivirus program can detect this and stop it before it even gets executed.

Malicious Files Get Easily Spread Through Spam

Aside from RAT, malicious files might also come knocking at your door through spam emails that come with links to suspicious sites and infected attachments. They might even be made to appear legitimate by getting mixed with genuine software. You’d never know that malware is quietly installing itself on your computer if you don’t run your AV antivirus software.

Once the malware is successfully installed on your computer, the hacker can see your online activities, capture your keystrokes and whatever you see on your screen, read your emails and other messages, and control your computer, including turning on your camera. You’d think you will know when your camera is on because of the little green light beside it, but you’re wrong. Skilled hackers can still use your camera without necessarily turning on that camera light. You might be watched without you knowing it!

Anyone Can Learn How to Use RATs

Despite how dangerous they are and how they violate people’s privacy, RATs are easily accessible online. There are even YouTube videos on how to use them, so any YouTube user can follow these videos and start spying on other people. If you are fond of going online, then there is a chance that you might have been caught by a hacked spycam before. It could be through PC rental places spied on by computer shop owners or a creepy ex who planted malware on your computer to keep an eye on you. But you can protect your computer from unsavory people with bad intentions by installing AV antivirus on all your devices.

Your Security Measures Are Not Strong Enough

Many smartphones today come with a fingerprint lock feature to promote the convenience of the user. However, such locking measure is not strong enough to protect your phone from hackers. You need a strong password to prevent anyone other than you from gaining access to your phone. Otherwise, hackers can get into your phone, install spying apps to listen to your calls, read your messages, find your location, and check what you are doing through your phone camera. They can even spy on you without turning on your phone’s screen.

You might have installed home surveillance cameras so you can keep an eye on your property even when you’re away. But if you don’t change the system’s default password, hackers might already be streaming what’s going on in your house live online. The whole world will quickly become your audience.

  • Preventing Webcam Hacking
  • There are ways to stop webcam hacking, such as the following:
  • Disable your webcam or cover it.
  • Make sure to use your cameras only if you have a secure Internet connection.
  • Use only the latest browser, operating system, and software.
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links.
  • Don’t entertain strangers online.
  • Spot fake or phishing emails, especially if they ask you to click on a link, download an attachment, or send personal details.

Finally, use an up-to-date AV antivirus program like Comodo. It delivers 100% verdict all the time, thanks to its VirusScope behavior analyzer and human researchers. On top of being an effective antivirus, Comodo is also anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-rootkit. It also offers bot protection, memory firewall, auto-containment scanning, certificate-based whitelisting, file reputation, jailing protection, virus-free warranty, secure online shopping and banking, and unlimited expert virus removal.

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