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Everyone uses smartphones nowadays. And if you think that your mobile phone is safe from threat and malware, then you should probably think again. Hackers are getting smarter these days and even though mobile viruses are not that dreadful as computer viruses, they can definitely harm your mobile software. No matter where you look, you will see people suing smartphones. The demand for Android phones has what made hackers think about android viruses. They develop malicious apps and try to steal your information from your mobile phone. This is the reason why you need a virus removal for your mobile phone as well.

Android Virus Protection

You may download viruses in your mobile phone mostly through third party apps, this is the reason why it is always recommended to use only Play store to download games or any other applications. App store has almost everything that you will otherwise need. The third-party apps can be developed by both trusted and non-trusted sources. And since they are developed by third-party, it is hard to tell, which one is genuine and which one is not. But now, you have the best Android virus protection tool available for you. Comodo is a robust virus removal software, which will defend your Android mobile phone and will also keep it away from malicious apps and files.

Comodo is the best mobile security solution that Android users can go for. It is simple to use and is designed to keep your Android phone away from all kinds of unsafe apps, viruses, as well as risky settings also. Not only it is a virus protection tools, but it keeps your phone safe from getting stolen as well. Comodo lets you keep all the contact numbers, photos, videos, and files safe with you. You can scan your mobile phone using Comodo to detect malicious mobile threats and get rid of them.

Top features of Comodo


Comodo comes with “Always on” and “On-Demand” virus scanning feature to keep your phone miles away from dangerous viruses, as well as, unsafe apps. With just one touch, you can do a full scan of your mobile phone to get notified about unsafe apps, viruses, adware, and other risky settings. Not just this, Comodo also sets you free from push ads, and USSD attacks of dangerous malicious webpages.

Call and SMS Blocking

Now, get the power to block unwanted calls and messages with the SMS and Call Blocking feature. You can configure your black and white contact list. Also, you can choose certain keywords to block them as well.


Worried about your mobile phone getting lost or stolen by someone, then use the anti-theft feature. In case, your phone does get stolen, then Comodo will help you recover the stolen device. This feature lets you identify the location of your device and will notify you in case the sim card gets changed as well. Other superb benefits of anti-theft feature are letting your phone make a loud alarm sound, clicking a picture of the person who has stolen it and locking the device from unauthorized use, and wiping off confidential data remotely. Just one app, but too many features.

Software manager

Tired of searching of different apps in different pages of your Android phone, well now this app will allow you to have a look at all the apps at one go. You can see, which apps you have installed, which one have you removes, and also create backup as well. All you got to do is tap for once to restore the apps which you have not uninstalled.


With the backup feature, you will never have to live in fear of losing your precious and valuable data. Gone are the days when you used to panic whenever you used to lose a file or data. Comodo will let you create the backup of your text messages, as well as contact list as well.

Task Scheduler

Keep your phone safe from virus attacks and malicious apps. Schedule a time for the antivirus to run the scan automatically and you will never have to worry about scanning your device again. The software will run the scanning process automatically. You can set the task schedular for a day or all days depending on your requirement.

Download Comodo from their official website and keep your Android phone threat-proof. Make sure to download apps only from reliable sources because you never know whether the app you are downloading is also downloading viruses with them or not.

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Antivirus Protection For Your Android Device