Best Android Virus Scanner

If you have an android device with you, then you must be worried about its security as well. No one would like their Android phone to be hacked or infected with a lot of viruses. This is the reason why you should consider getting a robust virus removal software that will keep your mobile phone secured and safe. We know that the internet is overloaded with a lot of viruses and malware, and these sophisticated viruses can even attack your android device if you download third-party apps. The most common gateway for viruses is when you go for third-party websites to download apps. This is the main reason why you need to have the best Android virus scanner. 

Once your phone gets infected with viruses, it becomes difficult to get away from them. This is why you should take proactive measures and think about downloading the best virus removal software as soon as possible. Not because you have to, but because you should. Your Android phone needs protection, and that is only possible when you consider Comodo as your antivirus partner.


Before we process and tell you about Comodo, there are a few things we would like to discuss. For instance, you should stop downloading apps from a third-party website. Not that all third-party apps are none reliable, but it is hard to tell which one is and which one isn’t. Play Store is already loaded with a lot of apps; you will surely find one which you need there. So, rather than infecting your phone with viruses, it is better to download apps from a reliable platform only. And to keep your phone safe and secure, you already have Comodo.


Comodo is a leading antivirus software and is very popular among Android users. It is user-friendly and allows users to scan their phone with just one click. Once you download Comodo antivirus software on your mobile phone, you will never have to worry about dangerous apps, viruses, as well as malicious settings. Not just this, Comodo also helps you find your lost phone as well. So, go on and download Comodo today to keep your contacts, files, audio files, videos, and more safe and secure. Use only the best removal tool so that your phone gets to stay safe and unaffected from viruses.


Top Features Which Are Worth Mentioning


Comodo is your one-stop virus removal software, which allows you to choose from either “On-Demand” or “Always on” scanning process. Now keep your mobile phone safe from dangerous threats, malware, and viruses. Never worry about downloading unsafe and unwanted apps. With just one tap, you will be able to start with the full scanning process. If you are going through the virus scanning process for the first time, then have patience, because it might consume some time. The software will inform you in case it finds any malicious apps and files.


As we said, Comodo is not just any antivirus software. It is an all-rounded app. Your phone is precious to you, and if you are someone who worries about their phone’s security, then you will surely enjoy the anti-theft feature. Use the anti-theft feature to find your phone in case it gets stolen quickly. Not just this, you will also be notified if the thieve has changed the sim card as well. Find the exact location of your mobile phone without any fuss. Want to know more, this software will make a loud sound once someone tries to steal it and will also click a selfie of the person stealing your phone.

Call and SMS Blocking

Don’t want unwanted tele callers and people bothering you with a lot of calls, then try the call and SMS blocking feature. You can create a black and white list for numbers which you would not like to respond to and won’t.


Software Manager

Isn’t it tiresome when your phone gets loaded with a lot of apps, now with the software manager feature, you will be able to see all the apps under one page easily? You can also check out the apps that you have recently installed and those that you have removed. Plus, this will also let you see the apps that you don’t recognize, probably it is a virus.


Your Android phone needs protection just as much as your computer and laptop do. Always make sure that your computer is safe from threats and viruses and try Comodo antivirus software today.