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Malware is short for malicious software which is spread by the hacking community in order to affect the computers across the globe. In order to prevent malware infections, computer users need to make use of the right kind of security tools like antivirus. But with the unpredictable zero-day exploits on the rise, sometimes even the most sophisticated security tools can fail to do their job. Therefore it's worth to make a note of the various malware symptoms which your devices might display if it gets infected.

Best Antivirus Protection

How It Protects PC from Malware?

Because, you as the device's owner, should realize whether your machine has been infected or not - even if your security tools fail to do the job! So here are some malware symptoms.

  1. Your System Slows Down: if your device slows down for no particular reason, then the presence of malware could be the reason. Because one of the main activities of malware is to slow down operating systems. Therefore the next time your device slows down, make sure you perform a malware check.

  2. Intrusive Ads and Pop-Up Messages Are Annoying You: are you being bombarded with too many online ads and pop-up messages? Are they so much that they are preventing you from using your device like you would normally? This is a sure-shot sign your device is malware-infected. It could be spyware or any other dangerous form of malware.

  3. Your Browser Homepage Keeps Changing: malware meaning malicious software can also play with your browser homepage settings. So if your browser homepage changes on its own, it is indeed an alarming sign and also means you need to 'up' your security.

  4. Your Are Confronted With Unexpected Error Messages: unusual messages with random numbers or alphabets in them which don't make any sense appearing at unusual places on the screen within your devices is another sure-shot sign they have been compromised. Which means time for a cleanup.

  5. Your Antivirus Gets Disabled Automatically: is your antivirus or antimalware turning off on its own. This is another signal indicative of malware presence. Believe it or not, some types of malware are sneaky enough to disable your security solution without you becoming aware of it.

  6. And More: there are many other signals as well like unfamiliar icons appearing on screen, you are not able to turn off your computer, you can't access the control panel, the blue blinking screen, your computer screen freezes and more - all of them indicative of the fact malware is present in your device.

Preventing Malware Symptoms and Malware

Now that you know several of the malware symptoms, the next step is to figure out how to prevent them from showing up on your computer. Like we said before, malware can sometimes bypass even the most sophisticated security tools. Therefore what you should do is choose wisely when it comes to security tools available in the market. In other words, look out for security tools which take the right approach which is needed to counter the modern-day malware.

Use Comodo Best Anti Virus Protection

Comodo Antivirus which comes equipped with impressive security features offers the best free anti virus protection in the cybersecurity industry. Equipped with technologies like Containment, Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), Viruscope, Secure Shopping, Firewall and more, the best free anti Virus Protection offered by Comodo Antivirus ensures your PC(s) are protected against not just spyware but the entire gamut of malware.

Comodo Antivirus which offers the best free anti virus protections contains the following:

  1. Containment:Technology unique to Comodo which ensures all files or applications are denied entry into your PC(s) by default, whether they are known good (whitelisted ones), known bad (blacklisted ones) or unknown (not identified or encountered so far) until they prove themselves to be harmless.
  2. Host Intrusion Protection (HIPS): CIS also ships with a default HIPS rule-set which offer protection to your PC(s). Simply put, Comodo HIPS protects system critical files or folders from malware infections by enforcing a set of security rules that offer high levels of protection. HIPS rule-set is highly customizable.
  3. Viruscope: this technology unique to Comodo, basically monitors all the processes running on your computer and alerts you when a process behaves abnormally or has gone rogue (indications of malware infection). Using Viruscope, PC users can potentially reverse or undo such undesirable processes.
  4. Virtual Desktop: Extremely useful security feature which allows PC users to run virus scans in the pre-boot environment. That is before Windows OS loads itself.
  5. Rescue Disk: One of the best adware removal tools which use behavior identification technology for scanning and identifying malware. It offers cloud service. Which means it's pretty quick and updated all the time. Moreover, it is easily used along with any antivirus that you might be already employing.
  6. And Much More: Website filtering, protection against fileless malware, cloud-based protection and much more ensure your PC(s) are protected not just against different types of malware attacks but against zero-day threats as well.

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