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Is Comodo Internet Security (CIS) Good Enough?

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) comes in 4 different packs – Premium (free), Advanced, Pro, and Complete. Now let's take a look at CIS premium, what it has to offer, and why every PC user out there should be using it to protect his or her PC from various malware threats and zero-day attacks.

Best Antivirus Review

CIS Is Much More Than Antivirus

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) is much more than just an antivirus. It includes various security features needed to protect PC(s) from not just different types of malware attacks but also zero-day threats. Backed by Default Deny approach or Containerization, CIS is one of the most powerful security tools in the IT security industry.

Security Features Offered

  • Default Deny Protection or Containerization – Containerization technology employed by CIS (also available in Comodo Antivirus) ensures all the unknown or suspicious applications (be it known good, known bad or unknown) are run within containers (restrained virtual space which does not impact working environment).
  • Employs HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) – technology which effectively monitors all applications and processes running on your PC(s) and prevents unknown applications from accessing system-critical files or folders.
  • Uses Viruscope – another technology unique to and developed by Comodo which, using a system of behavior recognizers, not only detects unauthorized system processes but allows PC users to completely undo them.
  • Implements Virtual Desktop – which ensures security threats are inflicted upon only the virtual space, thereby safeguarding the actual user PC(s) from malware and zero-day threats.
  • Cloud-Based Instant Malware Analysis – this ensures the behavior of unrecognized files are analyzed thoroughly for malicious activity by the Comodo Instant Malware Analysis (CIMA) server before they are granted access to your PC(s).
  • Contains Advanced Firewall Engine - the customizable firewall offers solid security against inbound and outbound threats. This implies protection against protection against hackers, malware, and identity theft. Moreover, it's backed up by features like Stealth Mode (for keeping PC(s) under the radar), Auto-detection of Trusted Zones, predefined firewall policies etc.,
  • Secure Shopping – especially useful for activities requiring online transactions like online banking and online shopping. Safeguards user sensitive data by allowing users to run their browsers within a secure environment.
  • Effective Web Filtering – allows PC users to set up security rules for allowing safe websites and blocking harmful websites. This type of web filtering ensures PC(s) stay safe against malware and zero-day threats.
  • And Much More – other security features like protection against MITM attacks, rescue disk for running antivirus scan in a pre-boot environment, automatic antivirus updates and real-time scans, protection against fileless malware and more, are available with CIS premium

What's More? - CIS Premium Is Totally Free!

CIS Premium, which comes equipped with impressive security features, is totally free. Just like that – no strings attached! This means CIS Premium is one of the few internet packages on the market which is available for free. Therefore if you are a security conscious PC user – who isn't? - who is not willing to spend much on the security front, it's time you downloaded Comodo Internet Security (CIS) Premium.

Other CIS Editions

The other CIS editions – namely Advanced, Pro and Complete – offer enhanced protection in the increasing order. CIS Advanced offers Unlimited Product Support and Unlimited Live Expert Virus Removal support. Whereas CIS Pro and Complete offer $500 Virus-Free Guarantee and Online Storage/Wifi Security as additional services respectively.

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