How to choose the best free virus remover

These days, you need a proper virus remover on your computer.  That is just a fact of life, the security software which comes with both Windows and MacOS isn’t bad but it should be seen as a starting point, rather than an end point.  The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get yourself a proper virus remover. In fact, you can get a great virus remover for absolutely free. With that in mind, here’s a guide to help you choose the best, free virus remover for your computer.

Best Free Virus Remover

Search on your specific operating system

If you’re using the current, main version of Windows or MacOS, then just searching on “free virus remover” will probably bring up relevant results, although it never hurts to be more specific.  If you’re using an older version of Windows or MacOS then it can be really helpful to search on your specific operating system as this should eliminate any free virus removers which have either ended support for your operating system or which never actually supported it in the first place.

Look for cloud-based free virus removers

There are all kinds of reasons why cloud-based free virus removers are the way to go these days.  Most of them revolve around the increasing need to reduce the burden on local computers, even powerful ones.  At this point in time, computers are needing more and more of their resources, just to run an operating system, especially Windows 10, which, while bringing many benefits, is very resource-intensive.

Then you get to the fact that virus removers need access to a lot of in order to do their job effectively.  Basically, they need the details of every, known piece of malicious software in existence and since new forms of malicious software are being created all the time, this means that they’re needing more and more information to be able to deal with them.

For the sake of completeness, although everyone talks about free “virus removers”, it’s been a long time since viruses were the only probably in the online world.  These days there are all different kinds of malicious software and a good free “virus remover” will actually deal effectively with all of them.

The other benefit of using a cloud-based free virus remover is that it means that it can be updated very quickly and without the hassle of you having to download updates and install them on your local computer.

Look for free virus removers which are regularly updated

From a user’s perspective, free virus removers may be largely “set-and-forget” products, but in actual fact there needs to be a whole lot of work done “behind the scenes” to keep them effective.  In other words, for practical purposes, a free virus remover is only as good as its last set of updates. Cybersecurity companies don’t necessarily list whenever they update their products, but user reviews can tell you what you need to know.  Basically if reviews show that a free virus remover is being actively used and that the customers are happy with it, then it’s a strong indication that the virus remover is being maintained and updated as it needs to be.

Look for free virus removers which focus on prevention rather than detection

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.  It’s good to know that you have a free virus remover which can deal effectively with anything which lands up on your computer, but it’s even better to know that you have a free virus remover which will actively try to stop cybernasties from landing up on your computer in the first place.

Check the brand behind the free virus remover

It’s a sad fact of life that a lot of free software is actually malware in disguise.  This is a particular issue with free virus removers as many people are now very aware that they need them, but want to get them as affordably as possible, ideally for free.


Even if free software isn’t actually malware, it will often come with a lot of adverts and very restricted functionality.  Basically, the companies behind it will make their money from the advert revenue they will get until you get fed up and uninstall it.  What you need, however, is a free virus remover from a company which has a long-established brand reputation to protect and which therefore treats its free virus removers as seriously as it treats its paid virus removers.  Comodo has been protecting people for over 20 years and is trusted by millions. Click here now to get Comodo free virus remover for your computer.

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