Best Paid Antivirus Software

Just google ‘free antivirus’ and a number of free antivirus products get listed - all from major brands, including Comodo. When there are so many free antivirus products in the market, should PC users really be spending money towards the paid alternatives? This is a question which just can’t get enough answers. So we try answering it – yet again!

Antivirus is the basic form of protection users can give to their PC(s). It plays a role similar to that of a pawn in a chess game. It may seem like it’s not doing much. But if it’s not there, your PC(s) can get compromised easily within a matter of seconds. So antivirus offers a much-needed layer of defense or protection for your PC(s).

Best Paid Antivirus

As the saying goes, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” The need to stay safe online prompted the evolution of some antivirus solutions, which can prevent the execution of malicious code.

Two Sides of Antivirus

Antiviruses are usually packaged in two versions: free and paid. The difference between the two is that the former is a single, stand-alone product, while the latter is a group of security products – usually known as an internet security suite – brought together to offer better protection to your PC(s).

Now it may seem like there’s not much of difference between the two, especially considering the innumerable free antivirus packages that are hitting the market regularly. But this is not the case. Let’s take a look at a few things which a  paid antivirus can do that the free one cannot. Maybe this will help PC users like you change your minds and make the right decision.

Paid Antivirus can:

  • Protect Your PC(s) Against Ransomware: 2017 became a year in which ransomware occupied a prominent place. The havoc caused by WannaCry cannot be forgotten that easily. And to stop or combat ransomware, you need a sophisticated technology which is available only with a paid antivirus.
  • Protect Your PC(s) Against Zero-Day Malware and Unknown Threats: Another huge threat to your PC(s) is posed by zero-day malware, which refers to the exploitation of a security vulnerability in an application by hackers which the vendors are not yet aware of. Again, only a paid antivirus can handle this, because it keeps itself updated and thus successfully can handle newly evolving malware signatures as well. The same can be applied to unknown threats.
  • Other Benefits: Product support is usually not available with a free antivirus. This can be a huge setback. But product support  will be present if you are subscribing to a paid antivirus service. And PC users may also be offered other benefits like virus removal service, secure online storage/backup and secure Wifi connectivity ,etc., like we do with our Comodo Internet Security.
Does This Mean Free Antivirus Is Bad?

Not really. (Free) antivirus is good. That’s why it’s a part of every internet security suite. But on its own it’s just not enough to combat today’s modern malware. It certainly can detect and prevent when it comes to security threats. But it cannot provide the ‘cure’. For this you need to supplement it with other security products. To be more precise: the internet security suite.

About Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security has been specifically designed with PC users like you in mind, and contains some impressive features like Containment, Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), VirusScope, Default-Deny Approach  which safeguard your PC not only against the known but unknown threats as well (which is quite important when it comes to combating malware).

How Can You Protect PC(s) Using Comodo Internet Security?

With Comodo Internet Security(CIS), you can:

  1. Detect and Stop Malware In Its Tracks: Comodo's proactive antivirus engine can successfully detect and stop viruses, worms, and other such malware attacks. This ensures nothing enters your PC(s) by bypassing the regulation security checks, which in turn, ensures only the clean pass through.
  2. Regulate Web Traffic Using Security Policies: Malware needs internet to distribute itself. This is especially true in the case of stand-alone PC users not part of any network. Therefore by regulating web traffic (internet) through appropriate security policies, users can keep malware at bay. This can be accomplished using firewall which is a part of CIS.
  3. Quarantine The Unknown: Malware attacks which are yet to be studied or discovered (new malware) are the ones which are most successfully causing damage worldwide. Because the unknown cannot be predicted easily. But CIS, which employs containment technology, is effective against unknown malware (files or applications) as well. It can quarantine the unknown and run them in a separate environment without allowing them to affect your PC.
  4. Track Activities Within Your Computer: Modern-day malware has the potential to easily slip through various layers of protection and enter your PC. Therefore, you need a technology which scans your PC's activities (applications and processes that are running) and stops or terminates suspicious looking ones. HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) technology, which is a part of CIS, is responsible for this. HIPS can also detect (and stop) file-less malware which don't leave any traces behind in your operating system.
  5. Keep Sensitive Information From Being Exploited: When you use your PC(s) to transact sensitive information – like, for example, banking online – there's a chance you may end up leaking it. Because of the dangers posed by browsers as well as internal risks  (maybe a spyware). With CIS, you can avoid these security risks as it allows you to make use of Virtual Desktop service.
  6. Undo Malicious Activity: Detecting malicious activity within your PC(s) is one thing. Undoing it  is totally another. Using VirusScope, a technology which is a part of CIS, PC users like you are  able to undo detected malicious activities easily.
  7. Safeguard Sensitive Information: With so many ransomware attacks invading PC(s) worldwide this year, it's time users thought of a safe place to backup or secure their system data. So that, in case they fall victims to malware attack, they will be able to retrieve their data and reset their systems without having to pay the ransom. CIS's cloud-based backup helps users perform this.
  8. Secure Your WiFi Connection: CIS also comes equipped with TrustConnect, which allows you to surf the internet securely from any public wi-fi kiosk without the fear of your PC being infected with malware. TrustConnect is available only with the complete version.

1.1M Unknown Files Detected | 42.1K New Malware Found | 20K MitM Sessions Identified 

Pricing Model

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) comes in 3 different pricing models: Free (for 30 days only), Pro and Complete. Pro pack offers additional features like secure shopping, unlimited product support, and unlimited virus removal service. While the Complete pack includes two other attractions: 500GB Online Storage & Backup and 10GB TrustConnect WiFi security. For further details, please visit our pricing page. 

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