Best Virus Protection for Windows 8.1

If you are new to virus removal software, then it becomes even more important for you to learn about the best virus protection for windows 8.1. But, if you already have a virus removal software for your windows PC or laptop, and you are still reading this blog, then probably you are not happy with what you have and you want to try something else.

Here in this blog what we are going to talk about is Comodo, the one stop solution for virus protection. Comodo is a well-known antivirus software and they are popular for their slick user interfaces. However, what you must not be aware about this company is that this is one of the very few companies who offer free tool for both MacOS and Linux. Let us give you a complete review about this robust antivirus software and hopefully this will help you to consider Comodo.

Top List of Comodo Best Virus Protection for Windows 8.1 Features

It’s Security

Comodo come in both paid and free versions. There is Comodo Antivirus and there is Comodo Antivirus Advanced. Both the antivirus package comes with instant virus removal, as well as, real-time scanning and this is a powerful security system which can identify malicious files.

Even if you choose to go with Comodo free antivirus software, it still will come with impressive security features. You get “application control” and the antivirus software will also come with whitelisting option as well, which will allow you to identify legitimate files.

That’s the thing about the security, what is truly impressive about Comodo is that this antivirus software comes along with fantastic features. Their trademark “Auto Sandbox Technology” is one which has to be highlighted, because Comodo gives you Sandbox tool even in their free software.

If you are looking for an all rounded antivirus, then Comodo should be in your list for sure.

It’s Features:

The Comodo antivirus software comes along with a lot of features and all credit goes to the developer for creating a software which is as great as Comodo’s features. Some of the features, which everyone will enjoy are as follows:

Game Mode:

Do you know that Comodo comes along with a Game Mode feature? Imagine playing the World of Warcraft and you are about to kill your opponent and suddenly, you game is paused because of a quarantine popup of an antivirus? You would definitely not like that right! So, how to make sure that your computer is protected even if you are playing your favorite game without any disturbances? This is when you can turn on the Game Mode. Just switch it on and all the unwanted messages will be kept away from you while you are playing the game.

Application Control: Not all antivirus projects can offer the devices to enable clients to explore that troublesome domain between working a useful however tainted framework and recouping a completely broken and un-bootable one from a Live USB. Luckily, Comodo covers that hole. Its Application Control enables clients to secure their framework and just use programs that are known to be protected.

It’s Ease of Use

The reason why we are so comfortable talking about Comodo is that it goes an extra mile to make its software appealing and functionable. Along with Game Mode feature, Comodo let’s you scan your computer with just a single click. You can decide how you would like the popup alert of the comodo antivirus be. Would you want it to remain silent, or would you want it to appear differently?

The Support Team

The support team of Comodo is marvelous. No wonder they have been ranked as the number one antivirus tool. In case you have a few questions to ask to Comodo, you can always raise a ticket. For those who are using the free version, there is a live chat window for you. Where you can talk to someone and get resolution for your answers. Even if you raise a ticket, you should receive a reply in an hour. They don’t take a lot of time. For those, who have purchased Comodo’s advanced security system, they can however, call the customer support team and have a verbal talk.

Comodo never leaves its customer behind and they are quick in answering.

Our Verdict

We think you should try Comodo at least once. It is a reliable antivirus software and has to offer bundles of features. Looking at all the pros, we will recommend Comodo.