Best Virus Protection Software

If you are wondering about the best virus protection software, then the answer to this simple question is equally simple and that is Comodo virus removal software. Comodo is known for its robust features and it is the only virus removal software that can keep your computer or laptop safe from all new viruses and threats. This antivirus allows safe applications to run without causing any trouble and it also allows usability posture.

If you want to receive an unbeatable protection for your computer from the never-ending threats, malware and viruses, then you must consider trying Comodo free antivirus software. This lightning fast virus removal tool lets you scan every file and document of your computer in a jiffy and it also blocks everything that is dangerous quickly as well. From zero-day threats to ransomware, Comodo can block anything to everything. This is one antivirus tool that will not anything infect your computer.

  • Free antivirus and paid version is affordable
  • Effective sandbox tool
  • Lots of security features

The reason why we are saying that Comodo is the best virus protection software, is that it comes with multiple layer of security features letting your computer be safe and secure.

This security tool doesn’t just let you scan your whole computer but provides real-time protection as well. Which means, even if you are using the internet or trying to download a software, Comodo will make sure that it detects and blocks unknown malware for you.

Not just this, the sandbox tool allows you to browse the internet and check out legitimate software with ease. Want to know more, well, you can create a virtual desktop for yourself to have a 360-degree protection to keep potential threats away and keep your PC or laptop safe from unknown threats. No malicious software will gain access of your computer until you are using Comodo.

If you are a power user, then you will enjoy the Host Intrusion Protection System. This will give you a granular control over the entire software and what you would like it to do to your computer or laptop.

There is one thing that might make you think that you should not consider Comodo and that is the lack of web filtering, but this is why Comodo give you an even better tool and that is auto-sandboxing tool to make sure that your PC is neutralized and safe. On top of this, there is an array pf bonus feature as well, which you will surely like.

The Best Virus Protection Software Setup

If you would like to download Comodo to let it protect your computer, then visit their official website to start downloading the software. You can start by trying their free antivirus tool and then if you are satisfied, you can go ahead with the paid version. We let you be the judge for that.

Alright, so to begin with, while installing the software, you will be given a wide range of options. For instance, you can choose to install Comodo’s secure Dragon Browser. Along with this, you can also think about configuring the system to utilize Comodo Secure DNS as well.

The set up will take some time to process than the usual, therefore have patience. Post-installation, the first scan might look like a ted but tedious as well, because it will take some time to complete the scanning process. An update request will also appear, which we will suggest you go ahead with.

The Best Virus Protection Software Features

The noticeable thing about Comodo is its user interface and also how flexible and versatile it is. It lets you have a small widget and through this you can start the scanning process with just a single tab. To get rapid access, you can switch to the better and advanced view to have a rapid access for robust functions and features.

Even if you are not a pro, you will still find Comodo to be user-friendly. Go for a Quick or else, Full Scan to start with the scanning process and for those who are a pro, you should explore Comodo’s options for once.

You can choose to either go with the full scan or else, you can decide to scan only a few folders and files. Plus, there are multiple custom scans available for you as well. Comodo doesn’t restrict your scanning schedule. You can schedule a scanner on a weekday or a weekend according to your ease of use.

Finally, Comodo’s sandbox feature is a must-try as well for 360-degree scanning environment. Download Comodo from its official website only.