Computer Security Software For Preventing Cybercrime

Cybercrime is on the rise. And now that there are many more devices connected to the internet than before - laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. - the chances of hackers making easy money via cybercrime have increased for sure. Now the question is: what are PC users like you doing about it? How do you plan to tackle them? What security measures are you taking to prevent them? Let's take look at the answers.

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How Do You Stop Cybercrime?

Stopping cybercrime is the job of the police and cybersecurity firms. But instead of imposing this arduous job on them alone, you can also do your part by taking certain security measures which can go a long way toward protecting your devices. First and the most basic step is to install antivirus. And in case you are the frugal type who thinks investing in security tools is an unnecessary expenditure, then, no worries— there are many free computer security software solutions out there which can help you prevent cybercrime successfully.

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Protect Your Devices Against Cybercrime.

Use Comodo Computer Security Software

Combating cybercrime successfully is not that easy. But thankfully there are many security products like Comodo Free Computer Security Software - which is the best the security industry has to offer. Whether it's  identity-theft attacks, cyber extortion, or attempts to turn your computer into a botnet, Comodo Free Computer Security Software comes equipped with many  security features that successfully thwart such attacks even before they take place.

Detecting Cybercrime Using Comodo Computer Security Software

Just as crime scenes contain clues which lead to criminals, cybercrime too contains indications or signs. Recognized in time, cybercrime can be  prevented from taking place altogether. Comodo Security Products (both stand-alone antivirus and the internet package) offer technologies (some of which are listed below) that can easily detect cybercrime within minutes.

  • Containment: technology which restrains harmful files from taking action.
  • HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System): technology which tracks activities on your computer and stops any suspicious activity.
  • VirusScope: technology with the ability to undo harmful actions.
  • Website Filtering: technology which prevents phishing attacks and protects you from malicious websites.

And Don't Forget To Follow Security Best Practices

Just as you must not forget  to lock your doors even though you possess a pistol, in the same way, installing security products alone is not going to safeguard your PC(s). Follow the security best practices like not downloading suspicious email attachments, not visiting suspicious looking websites, not leaving too much personal info online, etc. Security  products and security best practices go hand-in-hand. Therefore, ensure you stick with them both. Doing so will help you successfully fight cybercrime.