How To Get Rid Of Malware On Android Device?

Google is sure trying to improve its security via Play Protect. And although it was ineffective initially, things are changing now. But still, just because Play Protect has been introduced, one cannot assume that the chance of you downloading an infected app is completely zero. Security products like antivirus and others too can be of little help, say if your device is already infected. So what do you do under such circumstances? Here are some tips.

Get Rid of Malware on Android
  • Shut Down Your Android Device: The first and foremost thing you should do - if you are pretty sure your device is malware infected, like for example, if you encounter the much-dreaded blue screen etc., - is shut down your device. This is to keep things as they are and prevent your phone's health from deteriorating further and also to keep your other devices which may be on the same network safe.
  • Switch To Safe/Emergency Mode: Of course, you cannot keep your Android device switched off forever. So when you are ready to turn it back on, maybe when you are away from your network, immediately switch over to safe mode first. This isolated environment can keep your device safe for the time being. To switch to safe/emergency mode, tap and hold on the 'Power off' option, and select 'Reboot to safe' mode option.
  • Deleted Infected App and Anything Else Suspicious: Next best thing would be, if you are quite sure enough about which app is causing the problem, to visit your Settings and find the app and delete it. You can also choose to delete or uninstall other suspicious-looking applications. Doing so may not reduce your problem, but it can sure minimize it.
  • Use Malware Protection: The best of all options. Because if you had installed malware protection for your device, you wouldn't be confronted with a malware infection in the first place. Ensure you download a security tool which offers protection against not just malware attacks but against zero-day threats too.

How To Get Rid Of Malware On Android Using Comodo Mobile Security?

Comodo Mobile Security which comes equipped with impressive security features - including an impressive antivirus - is the answer to your question how to get rid of malware on Android. Because when users like you protect your Android devices using Comodo Mobile Security, the chances of your Android device getting infected with malware is extremely less, to begin with.

In other words, there is no need to figure out the answer for how to get rid of malware on Android, if you are using Comodo Mobile Security - because it's sure to keep malware away from infecting your devices. And above all, having Comodo Mobile Antivirus security ensures you are proactive in terms of device security which can help you avoid drastic security issues later on.

Comodo Mobile Security comes equipped with:

  • Antivirus: Real-time malware protection and an on-demand scanner keep your device clean of malware and various other viruses. Backed by Default Deny Approach, the antivirus scans all unknown (and therefore could be malicious) files and runs them within secure containers, your Android device will be very well secured.
  • Anti-theft: For protecting your device if it is mislaid, lost or stolen. Using anti-theft, you can recover your lost device in no time and without much hassle. You have the option of enabling sound alarm, taking the photograph of the possessor, locking it, and remotely wiping your confidential data. All of them critical features.
  • SMS/Call Blocking: Ability to block unwanted SMS(es) and Calls, which are probably spam by easily configurable blacklists and whitelists. Subscribers are also provided with the option of blocking text messages containing certain keywords.
  • Privacy Advisor: Inbuilt security system which identifies apps that could compromise your device's security or privacy and assists you in taking appropriate security measures. For example, it will inform you which apps should be allowed access to your contact lists or not; which apps can be allowed to make phone calls etc.,
  • Software Manager: Your Android device will contain many apps. And to manage all of them easily, Comodo Mobile Security provides you with Software Manager feature, using which you can take critical backups, uninstall several software(es) at one click, and perform other such operations which help you manage your software easily.
  • Backup: Comodo Mobile Security also comes equipped with a backup-restore option which can be pretty useful in case you damage your Android device - to the extent from which it cannot be recovered.

Antivirus Protection For Your Android Device