How to Get Rid Of Malware?

Malware is short for malicious software that is responsible for some nefarious activity – like stealing data, affecting your computer in some way or altogether crashing it – developed by the hacking community to make some easy money online. As PC users, it's your primary responsibility to secure it against all kinds of malware. In the worst case scenario of getting infected despite having protection, you should also learn the answer to the question: how do I get rid of malware?

1. Understand Any Malicious Software Can Be Harmful: Don't take any malware lightly. Be it adware, virus, worm, bot etc., all of them are equally harmful. Adware may not go beyond bombarding your screen with ads, but it's still going to slow down your computer and impact your productivity. Similarly, a worm may not harm files on your computer but it does occupy enormous amounts of space on your hard drive, slowing it down. Therefore avoid all kinds of malware. How? Read on.

 Malware Removal Software

2. Ensure You Follow Security Best Practices: Simple security best practices like not clicking on anything and everything, not opening suspicious looking attachments, not visiting a website which has been deemed dangerous, creating strong passwords etc., can go a long way in securing your PC(s) against malware. Simply put, be the prudent online user and not the gullible one.

3. Install Antivirus: Following security best practices alone are not going to protect you. Because today's sophisticated malware can easily affect you even if you are following the security best practices. Therefore security software is a must. Antivirus – be it free or paid – is a must. You can use our very own Comodo Antivirus which offers solid PC protection.

4. How to Get Rid of Malware? What if you are already infected? Well, there are certain steps which you can follow to get rid of the malware infection. Following these steps will ensure the damage to your PC is as minimal as possible. Let's take a look at them one by one.

Steps to Get Rid of Malware from Devices

  1. Back Up All Files And Other Data
  2. Disconnect From the Internet
  3. Scan Your Computer In Safe Mode
  4. Use Malware Removal Tool, If Nothing Works Out

Back Up All Files And Other Data: Your files and data are critical. Therefore the moment you realize your computer is malware-infected, back up all the files and other data, before the malware gets to those files and other data and corrupts them. Moreover, such backing up will help you get back on track quickly.

Disconnect From the Internet: Next best thing is to disconnect your PC from the internet to prevent further damage. Because, well, the internet is the breeding place for malware. And every moment you stay connected with it, especially after a malware infection, is going to worsen your situation.

Scan Your Computer In Safe Mode: Switch to safe mode and scan your computer. Without getting too technical, safe mode is a restricted mode which allows only healthy applications to run thereby reducing the risk of malware spreading to other parts of your PC. At best, such a cleanup can improve your PC performance. Another simple but effective measure would be to clean up the temporary and download files.

Use Malware Removal Tool, If Nothing Works Out: Let's admit it. Removing malware is neither an easy task nor an attractive one. Therefore it's best to let experts handle them. Moreover, the chances of you removing malware on your own without any kind of help are very, very less.

How to Get Rid Of Malware Using CIS

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) which comes equipped with impressive security features like Default Deny Approach, Containment, Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), Viruscope is extremely light on your PC(s), uses up as little system resources as possible, all the while ensuring your PC(s) are protected against different types of malware attacks, including zero-day threats.

Its unlimited malware removal support feature (available only with CIS priced editions) means subscribers can seek the assistance of Comodo Security experts round the clock if they suspect a malware infection. Our security experts will be glad to be of your service. Now, an in-depth look at what CIS offers:

  • Default Deny Approach

    Technology which denies entry to unknown files by default until they test out to be harmless.

  • HIPS and Viruscope

    Both technologies responsible for establishing a solid internal PC protection system.

  • Advanced Firewall Engine*

    Award winning firewall which regulates the internet and prevents security threats from invading your PC(s).

  • Secure Shopping

    For securing PC users from security threats while they shop online.

  • Rescue Disk

    For boot sector scanning which prevents malware that infect before the PC boots up.

  • Unlimited Malware Removal Support*

    PC users can seek assistance from Comodo security experts for malware removal 24/7.

  • And Much More*

    Other technologies which offer solid PC protection against all kinds of security threats.

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