How to Remove Malware From Your Computer

Malware attacks often cause a computer to function slower than usual, get random pop-up ads, or suddenly crash or freeze. These are all telltale signs that your computer is infected by a virus. But this is not a hopeless case. What you can do is you can install antivirus app like Comodo Internet Security to clean your computer system.

If this is your first attempt at removing malware from your computer, don’t be overwhelmed by the process. We are here to recommend some ways on how to wipe out malwares from your PC.

Remove Malware

Stay Offline

The moment you notice the symptoms of a malware infection, disconnect your computer from the Internet. It will prevent the virus from stealing your data or spreading itself further using your machine. You should go offline after downloading and installing the antivirus app. Once you are sure that the malware has been safely eliminated, you can connect back to the Internet.

Go to Safe Mode

In Safe Mode, the computer functions only using the basic software and programs while doing checks. In this mode, the malware will not be able to load and run automatically, making it easier to get rid of. Make sure to remove any CD, DVD, or USB drives from the computer before going into Safe Mode.

Stay Away from Account Log-Ins

To prevent hackers from obtaining something valuable (like passwords to your online banking accounts or emails), avoid logging in to any of your accounts unless you are ready to install an antivirus app and run it. Keylogger viruses might be monitoring your every keystroke, so stop yourself from logging in to your personal accounts.

Observe the Activity Monitor

Aside from installing an antivirus app, you also need to check your computer’s activity monitor. This helps you observe how each process is affecting your computer’s performance. Look at the CPU tab to see which program is taking up the most resources. If you find the suspicious app, close it from the activity monitor and delete it or uninstall it, whichever is applicable.

Install and Run the Scanner

Install a robust antivirus app, like Comodo Internet Security, on your PC. It has an anti-malware feature that kills suspicious programs before they can even harm the computer. It also has the ability to contain malicious files in a virtual container using Auto Sandbox Technology, keeping your legitimate files protected.

Even if your PC already has a free built-in anti-malware program, you still need to install antivirus app such as Comodo. This way, even if your free app fails to eradicate the malware, you still have another layer of defense as your backup.

Check Your Default Homepage

If you notice that your default web browser’s homepage suddenly changed, it may be another sign that your computer is infected by a malware. Look into your connection settings to verify if that it is your default homepage. If it changed on its own, your computer may be at risk. In this situation, simply run the antivirus app to quickly find and eliminate the malware.

Clear Your Web Browser’s Cache

If you have corrected and verified your homepage settings, it’s time to remove all the temporary data your browser has saved over time. This will help keep malware and other viruses out. At least you don’t have to install antivirus app only to overwork it by letting the virus sit in the browsing history of your web browser. Clearing web cache can also help you keep your web browser updated. Having the latest version of your default browser will allow you to browse safely.

Reinstall the OS

If you want to make sure that your PC is malware-free, you can reinstall your operating system and the rest of your applications from scratch. However, before doing this, back up your computer files first in an external hard drive or in the cloud. This will enable you to quickly restore your files and get back to business as soon as possible.

Comodo Internet Security

To avoid the hassle of malware removal, invest in Comodo Internet Security. This antivirus program offers robust and vindictive protection against future malicious programs. Comodo keeps your important data protected from data thieves and cybercriminals. It scans, blocks, and quarantines malicious programs so your computer remain at its best shape.

For only $29.99, you can enjoy using Comodo’s features, including its host intrusion prevention system, virus-free warranty, secure online banking and shopping, and unlimited live expert virus removal, among others.

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