List of the Cheapest Antivirus

These days, protecting your PC doesn't have to burn your pocket. Sophisticated protection doesn't have to be costly, and various manufacturers are rolling out new technologies while keeping their product's cost at a minimum. Great, isn't it? Now’s the time to shop for the cheapest antivirus with the best capabilities! 

With a number of antivirus software trying to grab our attention, you probably need some help in picking the best ones? Here are our top picks!

Cheapest Antivirus

1: Comodo Internet Security

Price: $29.99/ year, 3 licenses $39.99/year

Comodo Internet Security is not designed to stand still and stay stagnant. It is created as a proactive antivirus software that runs and takes down malware, viruses, and worms as they approach your PC. Its strict regulations make it impossible for these attacks to bypass this measure and attack your PC. 

Comodo Internet Security also ensures that even unknown malware cannot damage your PC in any way with its containment technology. It quarantines these kinds of malware and runs it on a different area to prevent it from damaging your PC.

This antivirus software also makes sure that your online transactions are thoroughly protected. It prevents your personal and highly sensitive information from leaking and be accessed by anyone. Users must also be aware that even the browsers that they are using can pose a risk for them. With these dangers, Comodo created a Virtual Desktop app that significantly reduces the dangers of the risks mentioned above. This will surely give users peace of mind while focusing on their various transactions.

2: Norton LifeLock

Price: $39.99

To ensure that your personal and highly sensitive data are protected from PC attacks, Norton LifeLock stores your data in a cloud. This software protects users from hacker infiltration even before they come. Also, it protects users' passwords and usernames and provides the capability to manage their devices through Norton's online portal.

Unlike most antivirus software, Norton LifeLock detects viruses without flagging down false positives. This antivirus can fight off various attacks such as ransomware, malware, spyware, ad tracking, phishing, online scams, unauthorized SNN use, and unauthorized online loans. Finally, it allows parents to track their children's online activities to protect them from harmful online content.

3: Bitfender

Price: $29.99

Bitdefender can ensure data safety and privacy of different computer users with its multi-layered antivirus protection. It is easy to install and use and it offers internet security tools that can effectively eliminate viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits and spyware. It also allows you to bank and shop from a unique, dedicated browser to prevent fraud. Bitfender can also extend the battery life of laptops and tablets, a feature that most antivirus software doesn't offer, and again, a plus for on-the-go users.

4: Kaspersky Lab

Price: $31.99

One of the top features that parents will love about this antivirus software is it highlights the protection of children from harmful online content. With all the unfiltered content on the internet, this feature is truly a big help. It also has the capability to protect your PC from cryptocurrency mining malware that can drain out its computing power.

If you've been attacked by a virus, this security software can swiftly undo the damage it has done. Kaspersky Lab is well equipped against the latest viruses, ransomware, spyware, and crypto blockers, so users need not worry about the threats that these attacks may pose on their PC. Finally, it provides users with real-time antivirus protection, which means it acts on time when it is needed most. 

5:  McAfee

Price: $ 37.99

If you are seeking for a highly accurate security solution for your PC, then McAfee can be your best pick. It can also prevent scam attempts and remove malware on your PC with ease. What's great about this antivirus software is it can fix security problems remotely, which provides much flexibility for PC and device owners. It can also protect your highly sensitive data by storing it in an encrypted folder, which reduces the risk of unauthorized access. 

McAfee also removes the burden of creating unique and strong passwords for your online accounts by creating and remembering it for you. It also has a web-based console that gives you the convenience of managing all your devices in one place. For Wi-Fi networks protection, users need not to worry because McAfee can also protect it from any unauthorized access.

Comodo Internet Security

For the cheapest antivirus with premium quality, don’t look any further. Comodo Internet Security is the best option! It gives you the toughest defense against malicious cyber threats so you can safely use your computer. For only $29.99, your security needs will be met.


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