Tips When Buying Antivirus Software

Whenever you are browsing on your computer or laptop, you have to ensure that you are adequately protected with an antivirus software. This will safeguard you from security threats coming from websites, emails, and social media. Aside from computers, you should also buy antivirus software for your tablets and smartphones, as they too, are prone to cyber-attacks.

Buy Antivirus Software

Because of the massive increase in usage of technological devices, cybercriminals are exploiting the vulnerability of computer software. They use malwares to infect devices and illegally access sensitive personal information, allowing them to earn money. Buying antivirus software provides you sufficient tools that will tackle all these threats.

All types of devices can take numerous benefits from antivirus solutions. For starters, it guarantees that there is always a gatekeeper monitoring anything that attempts to access your computer or smartphone. The moment it spots a dubious activity, a reliable antivirus software will block it before it begins to damage your system and files.

Here are some of the things that you have to consider when you buy antivirus software:


Anti-virus software provides protection for computers to prevent hackers from accessing personal information. Because of the amount of work they do in your device, it usually needs to be purchased and renewed annually to remain functional.

Security suites from Bitdefender, Comodo, ESET, and Trend Micro, are meant to deliver comprehensive protection in one package. In addition to malware protection, these pieces of antivirus software also provide a firewall, an anti-spam filter, and other additional features. Some even include parental control, a file shredder, and file backup software.

You can buy antivirus software online or from computer retail stores. Basic virus protection typically costs $30-$50 while a more comprehensive package can range from $60 to $80. But if you are looking for a more affordable option, Comodo Internet Security offers $29.99 for a whole year.

High Malware Detection Rate

When you buy antivirus software, see to it that it can stop at least 95 percent of the malwares, whether it's commonplace or brand-new zero-day attack. You must also make sure that it doesn’t have a high rate of detection for false positives or the legitimate files mistakenly flagged as malware.

Check out different online reviews of antivirus software. Various labs conduct monthly testing of malware products to see if they can protect your machine from malware. Take note that paid products tend to be more effective than the free ones as they have extra features.

For example, Comodo Internet Security has an auto-sandbox technology that prevents harmful programs from infecting your computer by executing files in a secure environment where they can't make permanent modifications to your device. It also has a ‘Secure Shopping’ feature that hardens your browser for secure online transactions. Just remember that you have to pay for an annual subscription to a software license, so factor in paying the same price again next year.

Compatibility and Performance

Another deciding factor when buying antivirus software is the hardware configuration of your computer as well as its resource usage. If your computer RAM is less than 2 GB, you need to choose an antivirus program which runs on less resources, so you can avoid experiencing any slowdown.

Also, check your system configuration and match it to the compatibility of antivirus. Select security software that offers various types of scans in less time and updates its database regularly.


Basic or free antivirus software may have limited features. Meanwhile, paid antivirus offers more advanced security tools like phishing scheme detection, firewalls, password managers, and safe banking tools. Comodo Internet Security includes majority of these with its basic antivirus program so you get the finest security at an affordable price. So what features should your antivirus have? Here are some examples:

Spam Filters

These are used to effectively filter out unwanted messages on your email. These are often built into premium security suites, but free options like Spamfighter can be downloaded.

Anti-Phishing Toolbars

These toolbars provide another layer of defense against phishing frauds, especially if you are using an outdated browser.

File Shredders

While deleting a harmful file from your hard drive is helpful in removing virus infection, sometimes, electronic traces aren’t completely eliminated. This puts you in danger as someone who accesses or inherits your computer might recover your infected files. To avoid that from happening, you need file-shredding software. Some paid antivirus suites include this feature.


A firewall keeps malicious programs from downloading or grabbing data off your computer. The best firewall, like the one included in Comodo Internet Security, can protect you from incoming and outgoing threats and alert you when a potential breach is detected.

If you are looking to buy antivirus software for your PC, choose Comodo Internet Security. It safeguards your network and data against malicious programs and online threats. It also lets you work and transact online with confidence by keeping your browser safe.


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