Top Antivirus for PC

Viruses and malware are evolving day after day. A system without  antivirus is a sure possible victim. So if you do not own an antivirus software, get one  right away, as a blessing to yourself. We can help you with shopping, as we've assessed and surveyed more than 40 antivirus programs.

The hard truth is that we are sure to get hit by a malware attacks even after installing an antivirus. Malware nowadays is  created to gain monetary benefits, and attacking a computer is the most easy way to get easy cash. Ransomware and Trojans are significantly more typical, as are bots that let the bot-herder lease your PC for odious purposes. Present-day antivirus programs handle Trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware, ransomware, and that's just the beginning. We have looked into more than 40 diverse business antivirus softwares. And the list of the top-rated antivirus software available on  the market includes the following features:


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Top Antivirus for PC

Default Deny Protection

– It instills an enterprise packet filtering firewall that works best to filter out the external and internal malware attacks.

Host Intrusion Prevention

– The prevention system is defined by a rule-based mechanism to take control and manage the activities of all processes and applications on the system. If any malicious  activities are found they are stopped from damaging the operating system, registry keys and personal data.

Antivirus – A robust antivirus, proactive to identify and eliminate threats. It also ensures on-access, On-demand and scheduled scans.

Containment – Authorizes all the programs and applications to run on the system and if any malicious script or code is found, its interference is stopped from intervening the normal operations of the computer.

Website Filtering – Secures the users from phishing sites while browsing the internet. It also allows the users to go by certain rules preventing specific users from accessing specific websites.

VirusScope – Takes control over the processes that are executed to run on the system and notifies the users if there is  any malicious behaviour that could be really harmful on the users' system. Viruscope, a behavior recognition system, works to identify any unauthorized activities and ensures to undo the identified malicious software.

Cloud-based back up system – Back-up vital data to protected servers.  The backed-up data is encrypted and can be accessed only by the user from a system connected to the internet.

Comodo Internet  Security Suite, commonly termed CIS, is considered to be one of the best antivirus softwares for free, with all the required features available for users free, which even the paid antiviruses in the market are devoid of. Hence Comodo Internet Security tops our  list as the best security system. 

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