Five Must-Have Features of Top Rated Virus Protection

These days, it’s not enough just to have virus protection. You need to make sure you have top rated virus protection because there are a lot of dangers lurking in cyberspace. Here is an explanation of the five must-have features of the top-rated virus protection products and what they mean for your online safety.

Top Rated Virus Protection

Top Rated Virus Protection are Based in The Cloud

A large part of the reason why top rated virus protection products work so effectively is that the companies behind these products create huge databases of information on all the different kinds of malicious software polluting cyberspace. This is what allows top rated virus protection products to identify threats correctly and (just as importantly) stops them from continually flagging non-malicious websites and software as potential threats. These databases are getting bigger all the time as the volume of malicious software continues to grow (and shows no sign of decreasing).

The sheer size of these databases means that hosting them on local computers can create serious performance issues even for machines with great hardware specifications. Budget/older computers can be slowed to a crawl by them. This is why today’s top rated virus protection products are generally hosted in the cloud. That takes all the work off the local PC and puts it onto heavy-duty servers, which can handle it.

As an added bonus, it also means that updates can go live literally as soon as they are ready. In other words, you don’t have to waste time downloading them and installing them on your local computer, nor do you have to worry about the possibility that somehow you will forget to install them, or make a mistake installing them and won’t be protected.

Top Rated Virus Protection Provide Robust Protection Against All Malicious Software

Even though absolutely everyone uses the term top rated virus protection, you actually need top rated protection against all malware and these days that is a big difference. Viruses are just one form of malicious software. They probably make up the biggest chunk of all the different types of malicious software around (although that may change in future) and they are certainly still a huge threat, but you also need to guard against all kinds of other cybernasties ranging from adware to worms and, in particular, spyware.

There are several reasons why spyware is a huge issue and most of them revolve around the fact that it is designed to be discreet, which means that the first time you learn that you’ve been infected with it can be when the police turn up at your door asking why your computer has been used in cybercrime. Most other forms of malware do give you some indication of their presence, in fact, in many cases it’s blindingly obvious that you have a malware problem, but spyware is very different.

The key to providing robust protection against all malicious software is to keep updating your virus protection, so that it always reflects the current state of the IT-security landscape. Basically, the faster a cybersecurity company updates its products, the more quickly you are protected from emerging threats. For example, ransomware and cryptojackers are both still fairly under-the-radar and currently, there are very few attacks using them, but they are both still threats and their rate of growth is alarming. In short, the speed and frequency of updates is a major feature separating the best from the rest.

Top Rated Virus Protection Use Sandboxes

Not only is there a whole lot more malicious software than there used to be, it’s also becoming increasingly sophisticated and better at passing itself off as legitimate software, at least at a casual glance and/or a quick analysis. The way the top rated virus protection products deal with this is to download all new software into a sandbox, where it is thoroughly analyzed before being either released or treated. If it does turn out to be malicious software, it is kept within the quarantined area, so that if it does any damage, this is kept contained.

Top Rated Virus Protection Have Integrated Firewalls and Ad Blockers

Firewalls are often marketed as “browsing protection”, if you’ve ever had a warning that you’re about to visit an insecure website, then that was probably your firewall. Ad blockers are now a necessity rather than just a convenience as adverts are increasingly being used to spread viruses.

Top Rated Virus Protection Are Backed by Top Rated Brands

Top rated virus protection products tend to come from top rated brands. Basically these are brands which are in cybersecurity for the long term and hence take pride both in their virus protection products and in their customer service. Comodo, for example, has been protecting people for over 20 years and is trusted by millions. Click here right now to download Comodo virus protection for your computer.

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