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Find out if your computer contains viruses and eliminate them before they damage or infiltrate your computer system.

As the digital age progresses, computer usage in the modern era is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day, millions and millions of people surf information online, make an online purchase, and do financial transactions with the help of their computer systems.

It has been witnessed that internet users generally have difficult time trying to keep their computer systems work at the best speed. The trouble is, viruses lead to slow working of the computers, crashing system, loss, and destruction of work.

Top Virus Protection

Protecting computer systems from viruses has become a significant concern worldwide. Searching for the top virus protection becomes imperative to ensure the utmost level of security to the computer systems.

This guide is about how to protect your computer from viruses that can deteriorate your system performance.

Types of Computer viruses

The advancement in technology has brought the proliferation of viruses and internet threats. The advent of computer viruses has lead to destruction and disruption of data in various computer systems.

Here is a compiled list of computer viruses.

• Macro Viruses

As the name suggests, viruses formed with macro language are macro viruses. Microsoft Word and spreadsheets are more prone to be affected by such kind of viruses. When a person starts a spreadsheet application, the virus causes a sequence of actions.

• Memory Resident Viruses

The execution of memory-resident viruses and termination of host program results in staying such viruses in memory. On the other hand, non-memory resident viruses work only when a user runs an infected application.

• Cluster Viruses

Self-starting viruses are formed with implementing programs by making some changes in the directory table entries. Regardless of the programs, these viruses start themselves and infect the whole computer system.

• Boot Sector Viruses

When a virus enters into the memory, it infects the disks of a computer system. The process includes copying code on a hard drive.

• Direct Action Viruses

Non-resident or Direct Action Viruses infect system files when a code is created. Such viruses are indented for spreading infection each time a code is created.

• Overwriting Viruses

The viruses work automatically by copying their own code to various files of a computer for deteriorating original data.

Red-Flags of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are destructive; they can make computer systems to crash, damage, and Infiltrate without the knowledge of the users.

Many users believe that there is no way to find out if viruses have infected a computer. There is some truth to this; computer viruses are detectable by knowing some of the alarming situations.

• Pop-up Windows

Is your computer shows you unnecessary onscreen ads whenever you work on it? If so, it is time to consider getting the top antivirus protection software. Unusual pop-ups could install spyware in the system and gain unauthorized access to personal information.

• Slow Performance

Increasing loading time is another alarming situation that users should not neglect. Viruses infiltrate the operating systems and lead to slow down the device performance.

• Suspicious Activities

A computer is likely to contain viruses if it acts abnormally. The constant noise of active hard disk when not in use is a huge sign.

• Storage Space

Last but not least, a sudden devoid of storage space is a definite red-flag that viruses have infected a computer system. A clean up is necessary under such cases after checking the stored files.

Missing files, heating issues, usual email history, security attacks, are some other signs to identify if a computer has a virus.

Comodo Antivirus – Get the Top Virus Protection for Your Device

In this world of information technology, everything is being done with the help of the Internet. Therefore, getting antivirus software is the safest possible way to keep your computer safe from viruses and all other threats.

Comodo Antivirus offers a plethora of incredible protection features that detect and eliminate viruses. Having this software, you get a detailed vulnerability report of your computer timely. From spyware scanning to providing personalized protection alerts, the software offers something for everyone.

Comodo Antivirus is designed to keep in mind the modern security needs of the users. It lets you enjoy the freedom of working effortlessly and speedily by providing prominent security features.

The Endnote

• An unprotected computer is highly vulnerable to online threats such as viruses, worms, spyware, adware, Trojan, and ransomware. Comodo antivirus is among the leading and top virus protection software that ensures the best level of security to the devices.