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Cyber threats have increased a lot, and since we are living in a digital world, everything that we do is mostly digital. From internet banking to online shopping, from buying groceries online to uploading our photos on our social media platforms, we use the internet daily. It is hard for any computer user to even think about keeping their computer protected without the use of a reliable virus removal software. With an antivirus, no computer or laptop is safe at any cost. Because the stakes are unimaginably high and you use your computer to do many things, your computer is bombarded with a lot of essential documents, which you simply can’t lose. Once compromised, you know that you will be in a dire consequence. That’s why get a virus checker, that will check for the virus in a jiffy and inform you about any threat. Once you do become aware that there is a threat, then you can delete the infected files and re-install them once every virus is removed from the PC. 

Antiviruses are a powerful tool for virus checker. They can not only detect viruses, but can also identify worms, malware, spyware, botnets, and many other suspicious threats. The main objective of these antiviruses is to make sure that your computer is protected from all kinds of danger and give you a safe and secure browsing environment. 

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A few Benefits of Using Antivirus Security 

Ongoing Protection - eternal security is incredibly essential with regards to fighting the present malware. Since they continue developing at a remarkable rate. In this way the capacity to perceive and remove them the minute they are found is significant. Antivirus Software can do this.

Customary Computer Scans - In spite of security on offer, the present refined malware can leak through into your PCs. This way, conventional PC checks for malware too is significant.  Secure Banking and Online Surfing - Online exchanges are another significant purpose for malware infection. Furthermore, to remain ensured while directing them, you need antivirus security. 

Safe Downloading - Downloading is another tool for malware to get inside your computer. To make sure that you are downloading movies, music and other files safely, you need an antivirus. 

In what capacity Can Comodo Antivirus Security Help?

Comodo Free Antivirus, which comes furnished with amazing security highlights like Default Deny Approach (Containment), HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System), Viruscope, Real-Time Protection and significantly more is effectively outstanding amongst other antivirus programming accessible in the IT security industry, utilizing which you not just shield your PCs from various types of malware; however zero-day dangers too. 

Comodo Antivirus Features

Executes Containment (Default Deny Approach) - Comodo's Default Deny Approach, actualized by means of Containment innovation, guarantees all records and applications (known significant (whitelisted), known harmful (blacklisted) and the obscure) are checked appropriately and are allowed access to your PCs, simply after they demonstrate themselves to be innocuous.

Utilizes HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) - an innovation which viably screens all applications and procedures running on your PC(s) and keeps complex applications from getting to framework essential records or envelopes.

Utilizations Viruscope - another innovation one of a kind to and created by Comodo which, utilizing an arrangement of conduct recognizers, identifies unapproved framework forms as well as enables PC clients to fix them totally.

Executes Virtual Desktop - which guarantees security dangers are exacted upon just the virtual space, in this manner protecting the real client PC(s) from malware and zero-day threats.

Using Comodo will give you peace of mind because you will be sure that you are shopping securely with their robust protection for online shopping and internet banking feature. The sandbox feature also makes sure that no viruses or malware tries even to cause harm to your computer. You can set your personalized protection. Set your own time table to run a weekly scan, and it will be done without disturbing you. Also, Comodo does spyware scanning as well, which helps you identify all kinds of threats within just a few minutes and take necessary steps against it!

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