Virus Protection For PC – Should You Opt For Free Or The Paid Version?

People often get dubious between the protection of free antivirus and the premium one.

A free antivirus always seems the best to have as you just a free download from the internet, and you are done. It seems to be working fine with most PCs.

However, as you can understand, the free would never bring the benefits of a paid antivirus; otherwise, no one would consider purchasing the antivirus software. The differences between these two surly exist, and on the same, we bring you this write-up today.

Let’s get started on understanding the terms before you choose any random virus protection for PC-

Virus Protection for PC

Using a Free Antivirus Software

This type of antivirus does not need you to pay any fee, and hence it comes free of cost. As a result, you face some limitations in terms of usages as well as security standards.

Mostly free antivirus programs expire after a month of use, or they only let you have the trial for 30 days. In this case, you automatically feel the need to upgrade your version by paying a certain amount of fee.

In another case, you can switch to another antivirus and take advantage of the free version. However, at some point, you have to stop when you realize, there are no more quality programs left to try.

You may even employ some more tricks such as using the hacked antivirus, so it does not prompt you about the expiration. But unless you are not ready to compromise the security standards, you won’t play with all these tricks just to save a few bucks.
Free antivirus is okay to use until you do not perform any browsing that makes you visit the tricky sites. Or till you do no download software or apps from third party sources. Or till you do not download games, ringtones, songs, and torrent files all day.

Visiting more and more sites compromise the efficiency of the free antivirus program. And that is where the paid version of the antivirus becomes a necessity.
Tip: No method is failproof and you should always take care of your browsing behavior to stay protected!

Using the Paid Antivirus Program – How Is It Beneficial?

Unlike the free programs, Paid antivirus software offers a lot more in terms of security. Plus, the duration of usages also increases, such as you may buy a plan for six months, a year, or so.

The premium software uses the latest algorithm, which catches the latest virus codes. The defense mechanism gets enhanced that you can visit most of those tricky sites. In case you already have malware on your device, the program refines most of them, and brings you the results making your experience even smoother.

However, it does not mean that you can opt for any random premium software. Different users have different needs regarding security. As a result, they should always keep an eye on the features of the antivirus before finalizing it.

You can even compare several antivirus programs and get suggestions from the antivirus forums where users regularly define the pros and cons of these programs. This way, you can keep your head clear about which one you should go with.

A first-time user, however, should opt for price-friendliness, and by that, we mean you should opt for a premium antivirus while being within your budget.

Premium software not just provides real-time protection, but it also secures the browsing experience such as your email services, payment gateways, and more. Using them, you ensure having the least amount of risk for ransomware, malware, spyware, and other threats.

Comodo Antivirus Software

When one wants to prefer the utmost security for the devices, choose COMODO as your default protection provider. The antivirus avails the security features for the individuals and companies as well where you want safety for every device that is in use. From running real-time protection for threat detection to keeping you shielded during those browsing sessions, COMODO does it all.

The price-friendliness of COMODO is the primary reason that sets everyone to go for it. It facilitates all-year security for just $29.99. There are many other protection features one can have along for different operating systems. Android users can now keep their phones safe against a major amount of threats and don’t get worried about data steal and ransomware like issues.


So, all in all, if you perform browsing that can make you a victim of all the security threats, then you should choose the premium protection if an ideal antivirus. If you do not deal with many sites, download, or browsing, then it is okay to experience the free antivirus facility. Based on all these factors, you get to decide if you should opt for a premium virus protection for PC.

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