How to Spot the Best Virus Protectors Available Today?

These days there are all kinds of virus protectors available online ranging from the free to the very expensive. The quality is similarly variable. Some free “virus protectors” are actually just malware in disguise. Some are really excellent, just as good as some paid products. Some paid products are absolutely worth their price, others are not. To clear up the confusion, we’ve put together a guide on how to spot the best virus protectors available today.

Virus Protectors

4 Tips to Spot the Best Virus Protection Software Available Today

They Are Hosted in The Cloud

Virus protectors are only as good as their databases of malware definitions. These are basically descriptions of all the numerous examples of malicious software in existence at any given time. They are huge and they are getting bigger all the time as new forms of malicious software are constantly being created. This means that these days, even if you have a premium home computer, the last thing you want to do is go down the “traditional” route of hosting these on your local PC (or Mac) because it will be a serious drag on performance.

Cloud-hosted virus protectors, as their name suggests, keep their databases in the cloud. Local computers basically just connect to the cybersecurity company’s servers and the servers do the hard work. This lets you use the full power of your computer for its intended purpose. It also saves you from having to download and install updates, which is not only a convenience but also increases your security.

First of all, having updates applied centrally, literally as soon as they are ready, decreases the time it takes for each user to be protected. This may not sound like much of a gain, but when you multiply it across continual updates, it becomes easier to see how these “little wins” can actually make a big difference. This approach also eliminates the possibility of updates not being applied due to user error.

They Are Regularly Updated

Not only is the volume of malicious software growing all the time, but the sophistication of malicious software is increasing all the time. For example, viruses can now be “fileless”, which basically means that they can now exist without having to be embedded in “proper” code. They can also be triggered just by adverts being shown on screen, without a user having to click on anything. Ransomware can encrypt your files so that you have to pay a fee to get them released and spyware can quietly and discreetly steal your personal information without you having the first idea about it until you get a letter in the mail about a loan you never knew you had.

This all means that the top cybersecurity companies are having to pump out new updates to keep their users protected (hence the large databases and the preference for cloud-hosted products). It’s not always easy to see when a virus protector was last updated, but essentially if it gets good reviews from reputable sources and/or from users, then you can generally take it as read that it’s being updated as necessary. Make sure you check the dates of the reviews to ensure some of them are recent.

They Have Value-Add Functions Like Firewalls and Ad Blockers

Firewalls are often marketed as “browsing protection”, but this is only part of what they do. They monitor your internet traffic in both directions and alert you to anything suspicious. Ad blockers are now a must-have because these days adverts are increasingly used to spread viruses and you don’t necessarily have to click on one to be infected. It can be enough for an advert to be displayed on screen. This strategy is known as “malvertising”. There are two reasons why it helps to get these products bundled with your virus protector. One is economy and the other is that it ensures that all three functions will work together “out of the box” without you needing to work out how to configure them to recognize each other.

They Are Backed by A Reputable Brand

Unless you are really familiar with IT, you want to avoid “up-and-coming” brands. This may seem harsh, but these days malicious software can do a whole lot more than just corrupt your data and/or mess up your operating system. It can steal your identity and/or hijack your computer for illegal purposes. Basically it just isn’t worth the risk of trialing newcomers to the cybersecurity scene, leave that to people who really know what they’re doing with technology. Comodo has been protecting people from over 20 years and is trusted by millions. Click here right now to download Comodo virus protector for your computer.

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