The Secret Windows Virus Protection Program You Should Have

There have been many cyberattacks on both private and public computer systems. Still! We only look for a temporary solution to resolve the issue. The increased access to hacking and coding has made creating a virus program easier than before. A common thing between every cyberattack is that each does more damage than the next. These are capable of taking over entire networks and wiping off systems.

"What Have We Been Doing?"

Windows Virus Protection

Though individual and business entities have faced the worst cyber-attacks, including ransomware and Petya ransomware virus, still there is no permanent solution. All we have is a little knowledge about how these occur in the first place. What we have not done is look for a solution to nib the problem in the bud. Aka, we not yet found the best windows virus protection program to keep things on an even keel.Besides, hardly is anyone following the safety protocols to prevent virus infection.

"A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing"

The only thing preventing the majority of computer users from protecting the OS against online attacks is the lack of knowledge. We are not aware of the present forms of computer viruses and other harmful applications. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the five worst computer viruses of 2024.

Let us understand how each of these can do irreversible damage to your computer system.

1. CryptoMix Clop Ransomware

GoBrut is the latest virus program with the capability to slow down the internet and damage millions of computers in one go.

  • It terminates various Windows OS services and processes, which disables the antivirus program running on the machine.
  • CryptoMix encrypts the target computer’s files by changing the extension to .Clop and displays a ransomware note informing the victim about the attack.

2. GoBrut

The CryptoMix Clop can take over entire networks. It came into the notice of cyber experts around February 2024. The virus equipped with an email address as compared to the older CryptoMix Clop variant.

  • The virus utilizes brute force attacks to spread itself on Windows and Linux systems.
  • It can easily exploit the vulnerabilities on websites with weaker passwords.

3. Zeus Panda / Trojan Panda Banker

  • The Zeus Panda virus is a malware, which uses the internet to inject malware and steal a user’s banking information and credentials.
  • It spreads via exploit kits, including Ngler, Nuclear, and Neutrino exploit kit.
  • Zeus Panda can also spread via social networking websites, spam emails, and adult sites.

4. Jokeroo

Yes! We know you might be thinking about the one from the Dark Knight Series, but this one is more dangerous than that!

  • The Jokeroo virus works as a Ransomware-As-A-Service and promoted on Twitter via hacking websites.
  • It permits affiliates to access an active ransomware and payment server.

You can take regular backup of essential files and documents. However, look for a reliable windows virus protection program to keep the system safe against Jokeroo and other threats.

5. Astaroth Trojan

  • Astaroth Trojan made an appearance back in 2017 and targeted more than 8000 computer systems.
  • The virus widely attached and sent via spam mails in Europe and Brazil. It spreads through the .7zip file.

These were the five most lethal virus programs of 2024, which have managed to wreak havoc on thousands of PCs worldwide.

However, there is a solution to this mess

"I Tried Everything By the Book But To No Avail. What to Do Now?"

We know many of us to follow the old methods of data backup or to delete the temporary files in the hopes our system would work like new.

However, the result never comes out right.

Do not worry, as your knight in shining armor is here to save the day!

Yes, we are talking about Comodo antivirus

We are sure many would ask the age-old 'WHY.'

Read below to find out what makes Comodo the best virus protection program for your computer.

  • Single-Click Scanning – Remove every single trace of virus infection from your PC is a simple click on the scan button.
  • Complete Application Control – Keep total control of which applications run and which do not work on your PC.
  • Cloud-Based Analysis – Get the latest information on any file with advanced cloud-based analysis.


What you just read is nothing but only the start of keeping your PC safe with the best windows virus protection program. All you need is Comodo, and the rest is taken care of without fail.