What to consider in getting apps that help us scan our android phones for viruses

We're all glued to our phones. Whether for entertainment or regular activities, we're all wired to these brick-shaped devices. And considering how we use our smartphones for the majority of the time, it's only vital that we take the necessary steps to protect them. That's why for this article, we're discussing the cruciality of why we need to scan our android phones for viruses. Granted that the times are advanced and technology can also work to our disadvantage, it's essential that we value every android virus warning that we get.

All these mentioned, what, exactly, makes a good antivirus for android? Quite frankly, there are numerous considerations why we should all factor in. Here are what to look for when we need to scan our android phones for viruses.

Scan Android for Virus

Detection capacities

What is the point of downloading an antivirus for android if it's unable to detect digital threats long before they spread throughout your device? That being said, look for reviews that talk about a program's android virus warning strengths. Google deprives us of no shortage of what people say about mobile apps that help us scan our android phones for viruses. Compare brands against each other, too, and see which works.

Wrong positives

Consider wrong positives to be like crying wolf. This happens every time your antivirus for android says something's fishy and that a threat is on its way despite that not being the case. This can be a tiring occurrence, as many apps that scan our android phones for viruses alert you every time. Here's a tip: AV-Test is a popular third-party app that assesses antivirus for android programs. Feel free to refer to them and pit android virus warning programs against each other in this department. Naturally, the one that has the least number of wrong positives is a promising antivirus for your phone. No one wants to be bothered for no reason.

High performance

As with any service provider, we're going to want security programs that scan our android phones for viruses to perform optimally and efficiently. Given how fast-paced the world is today, our phones are now extensions of who we are. That said, installing slow apps can cost us not just time, but also battery life and the efficiency of how other apps work; indeed, not something you'd want for your phone.

Ideally, the lighter and faster an antivirus for android works, the better. Know that programs that scan our phones for viruses aren't meant to slow our phones down. Oppositely, they're intended to optimize them.


Contrary to what you might assume, a good number of phone apps that are designed to scan our android phones for viruses are, perhaps, one of the largest sharers of our personal information. Look for an antivirus checker that guarantees your identity and private data are kept safe. Again, reading reviews online helps determine this. So, look for particular comments that highlight this.

Paid versus free: what is the primary difference between paid apps that scan our android phones for viruses from the ones that are free?

The key difference between free versions and paid ones is that apps with free antivirus for android usually only initiate virus scans when you let them. Whereas, paid versions automatically and consistently check for viruses, all while helping your phone save battery.

In other words, paid security apps that scan our android phones for viruses help make things more secure and convenient in that you don't have to keep running it to make sure your phone is safe.

What's more, dozens of paid antivirus for android apps also come with other stellar features you'll find to be immensely useful. Here are a few:


As the name implies, paid apps that scan our android phones for viruses prevent suspicious-looking links from accessing harmful sites intended to hamper our smartphone or compromise our personal information and identity. 

Lock remotely

Several antivirus for android apps allow you to lock your phone remotely to prevent unauthorized access successfully. As a matter of fact, a few apps will enable you to come up with a personalized lock-screen message to better accommodate the return of your smartphone.

Remote location: many antivirus apps also make good use of GPS, enabling you to know where your phone is if it goes missing.


An application that aptly sends out android virus warnings is a must in today's technological context. For more information about how you can core the best antivirus app for your android phone, contact Comodo Cybersecurity today!