Comodo Antivirus & Internet Security 8 provides award winning protection for Windows 7

Protect Windows 7 PCs.
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Comodo® Antivirus 8
Protects your computer, files and interaction.
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Comodo Internet Security
Comodo® Internet Security 8
Adds award-winning Firewall protection.
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  • Protection for your computer, system files, absolutely everything.
  • Protection against losing those important things you want to keep.
  • Protection when you're browsing or buying online.
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Comodo AV for Win 7

This product has a friendly interface and did not affect my system's performance. It was easy to install and protects the system from suspicious applications. This product is worth a check!

Comodo AV for Win 7

It has a better scanning and reporting features. It ran an extensive scan on my IP address and identified all vulnerabilities. Above all, it is Comodo backed. Try out the today!!!

Comodo AV for Win 7

The Comodo application for Win 7 is really great and does a perfect job in keeping your system away from malware and viruses. The user interface is also great. I recommend this product.

Comodo AV for Win 7

Comodo antivirus for Windows 7 is absolutely free with free updates and completely protects the system from malicious programs. In my opinion, the product is worth the money.

Comodo AV for Win 7

For the immense features it offers, Comodo Antivirus for Win 7 is worth every penny. I really found it really good as it offers firewall, antivirus, and live support all in one worthy package.

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