Best Antivirus Software For Windows 7

Earlier this year Microsoft announced that it's going to end its Windows 7's extended support within 3 years. It's a warning to enterprises and PC users alike to upgrade themselves to the latest Windows 10 as quickly as possible. But if you are someone who simply loves the 2009 OS and wants to make the most out of the extended support which ends on January 13, 2020, then here's our Comodo $17.99 Antivirus which can protect your Windows 7 well.


Microsoft itself has come out and announced that Windows 7 has become so outdated that even security patches can't keep it secure anymore. Under such dire circumstances, we wish to allay the Windows 7 users' apprehensions and help them use it to the fullest till Jan 13, 2020, without any fear of their security being compromised or their systems crashing.

Comodo $17.99 Antivirus For Windows 7
Secures Your Windows 7 Computers Like No Other Antivirus

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 Best Antivirus Software Windows 7

Why Use Comodo Antivirus For Windows 7?

Comodo Antivirus comes equipped with an impressive stack of security features that make it stand out and get noticed in the IT security industry. Containment, HIPS, Comprehensive Scanning, Cloud-Based Protection and other such security features which have the potential to make any antivirus the best antivirus for Windows 7 are all packaged into Comodo Antivirus.

Comodo Antivirus Provides PC Users Protection Against:

  • Spyware – detects spyware threats and destroys each infection
  • Rootkit – scans, detects and removes rootkits on your computer.
  • Botnets – prevents malicious software from turning your PC into a zombie.
  • Malware – kills malicious processes before they can harm your PC.
  • Zero-Day Exploits – predict even the unpredictable malware and stops it.

Comodo Antivirus Makes Use Of:

  1. Containment (Default Deny Approach) – which corners unknown 'files' and executes them in a separate environment, where they are executed with low privileges and thus can’t harm system. After files are verified by Comodo experts and file is considered safe, it is allowed to run outside container. This ensures no zero-day malware can harm your PC.
  2. Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS)– Guards your PC(s) by checking your PC for any malicious activity and prevents it from affecting your PC(s).
  3. Viruscope – another technology unique to and developed by Comodo which, using a system of behavior recognizers, not only detects unauthorized actions but allows PC users to completely undo them. The ability to undo undesired actions is an efficient way of combating malware.
  4. Virus Removal Service* – PC users are infected with the virus and other such malware, can get their PC(s) repaired in no time by making use of the malware removal service which is a part of Comodo Internet Security-Pro (CIS - Pro).
  5. 24/7 Available Support* – Comodo Internet Security-Pro (CIS - Pro) users are also bestowed with the privilege of seeking the support's assistance anytime. All PC users have to do is just give us a call and our support team will be glad to help you out.

Comodo $17.99 Antivirus For Windows 7
Windows 7 Becomes Obsolete By 2020!

*Security Features available only with Comodo Paid Antivirus (which is known as Comodo Security - Pro (CIS Pro)).

Got more than 1 PC? Get 3 Licenses for $19.99 & Save 63%!