Virus Detection Techniques

There are different types of virus detection techniques 
Signature-based detection – in this type of virus detection technique, the key components and activities associated with malware are documented, archived and flagged malicious in a database. While the antivirus uses the archived virus definition. However, it cannot be used to identify a malicious file if its definition is not updated in the signature database. 

Heuristics-based detection – This type of detection helps to examine and identify suspicious files based on their characteristics. However, there is a downside to this detection technique, in some instances, it flags a genuine file to be a malware 

Behavioural detection – As much as heuristics-based detection, this type of detection is based on examining the files for behavioural changes such as altering the app code and other host files, looking for suspicious or unpacking of malware code 

Cloud-based detection – This type of detection gathers data from protected computers and analyses it on the service provider’s cloud infrastructure, instead of performing the analysis in the local user’s environment. 

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