How to Remove Computer Virus?

Viruses can infect the computer – helping hackers to gain control over the infected system . Therefore removing viruses is critical to stay safe

Following are the basic steps 

  • Choose a right antivirus software How to Remove Computer Virus? 
  • Install the chosen antivirus software 
  • Ensure to keep the antivirus software updated with the most recent virus definitions 
  • Initiate a complete scanning process 

Removing a virus manually from the infected computer

  1. During the rebooting process, press F8 multiple times to start computer in Safe Mode
  2. Select Start and click on Control Panel and select “System and Maintenance” and “System.” to deactivate the System Restore
  3. Select “System protection” and uncheck the Check Box found next to the hard drive label. 
  4. As most of the viruses are named as .exe and .dll files, it is safe to remove all the.dll and .exe files from the system which are placed in the c:windows folders   
  5. After the virus is terminated, switch on the System Restore option. However, the methods to turn on the System Restore varies with different versions 

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