How to Clean Virus from Windows and Mac? The Easier & Recommended Method

When your device slows down, when you encounter those shortcut-like icons instead of your actual files, or when everything seems to behave crazily, it is an indication of malware or more specifically a virus in your system.

Leaving the issue uncured only makes it worse where all your data can get lost, or you may allow a spy into your personal information. That is why it is recommended to clean virus right away or the first time when you notice the device acting abnormally.

Let’s see the method of removing the virus from Windows as well as Mac right here, so that your system is clean and virus free, no matter what.

How to clean Virus

A)Removing a Virus from Windows

Windows Defender works to identify any malware, virus, or infected files. Additionally, you can make use of the protection of an antivirus. The program lets you access the protection shield more easily, and it works efficiently too.

#1 Restart the Device in Safe Mode

Safe mode loads only the necessary files in a computer, and it allows for a safer environment to operate. It lets you access the functionalities of your device in a more controlled manner. This is useful, especially when your device encounters viruses that keep it from functioning smoothly.

  • The first thing is to start your device in Safe Mode. To enter the Safe Mode, keep tapping the F8 function button every second.
  • A blue or black window will open up with all kinds of modes. From there, you need to choose Safe Mode and hit Enter.
  • This way, you boot your computer in the desired mode. Before you hit the mode, make sure you remove all external USBs, CDs, and DVDs.
#2 Bring the Antivirus in Use

Now, it is time to use that antivirus installed on your device. Generally, the antivirus functionalities can be accessed in the bottom right corner of the taskbar. There you can see the antivirus icon that you need to right-click on.

Once you right-click, it brings you a list of few options. From this list, choose something like “open security interface.”

Once you click the option, it opens up a new window where it presents you with different types of scans. You can choose any of the options as per the severity level of the malware attack or the time you can invest.

The “Quick Scan” lets you have the results in just a few minutes. Click a quick scan and sit back and relax. Later, it will bring you the list of all scanned files and infected files as well. You can choose to either repair these files or delete them from your device.

Once you pick up your option, the program functions accordingly and lets you get rid of the viruses in just a sec. You can also choose “Full System Scan” that is a time-consuming process to clean virus.

B) Clean Virus from a Mac Device

Every platform is prone to viruses or malicious activities; only the level differs. If you think your Mac device does not perform as it should or if it is slowing down, it is a sign of a malicious environ.

#1 Begin with Closing the Applications

To begin with, the steps, you first need to close all the applications and your device as well.

  • If you can’t close a particular program, go to Spotlight and type “activity monitor.”
  • From the search results, click the Activity Monitor and a new window will pop up
  • There locate the CPU tab and click it
  • From the list, you can easily find the program that you need to close
  • Select that program and click force-quit
  • Confirm the action when prompted, and the program should be closed
#2 Work with the Antivirus

The process of using the antivirus in your Mac device remains the same. Except that you need to search the program in the Spotlight by typing the name and it should be there in the search results. Repeat the same steps as we do for the Windows antivirus program.

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Summing Up

Using the steps, you can easily clean virus from your devices regardless of the operating system. Make sure every device that you use along with the internet connection does consist of antivirus protection.

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