PC Protection for Remote Employees

A data breach can cause severe financial and reputational damage to organizations. News about it can spread like wildfire through your clients and industry, quickly destroying what you have spent years building.

Unfortunately, data breach has become more common as businesses use mobile devices and cloud-based platforms in their daily work. As telecommuting trend grows in an increasing pace, companies give employees access to company data on their personal computers and mobile devices. This presents risks, as they don’t have the same stringent tools and protocols installed. As business owners, you need to have a plan to ensure pc protection for your remote employees. Here are some solid ways to prevent cyber security breaches from happening at your company.

PC Protection


1. Choose who can access the most valuable data

In order to harness pc protection in your company, limit those who can access your critical data. When you do this, you can narrow down the number of employees who might accidentally compromise your important files. As your organization move forward, try to partition off all records so that only those who specifically need access will have it.

2. Background check third-party vendors

If your company is partnering with third-party vendors, it’s more important than ever to know the people you are working with. This is especially vital for those companies that allow vendors to view their important data. Therefore, before hiring them, try to do a background check on third-party staff that enters your company on a regular basis. While precautions like this can be a hassle, just think about how much money you will save if you prevent a multi-million-dollar data breach from occurring.

3. Conduct employee security awareness training

Your employees can put your data at risk. Some of them have the tendency to open suspicious emails that could potentially download viruses. If you want to safeguard important data and ensure pc protection, you must schedule security awareness training at least quarterly. By holding a solid training program, your employees will be able to recognize the threats and reduce the frequency and severity of actual incidents that occur within the organization.

4. Update software regularly

Your computer system becomes susceptible to viruses when your collection of software isn’t patched and updated regularly. Updating your computer applications and operating systems regularly can repair security loopholes and fix or remove computer bugs. Also, these patches can add new features to your devices and remove outdated ones.

5. Create a data breach response plan

Having a comprehensive data breach response plan allows employers and staff to prepare for the potential damages that could occur in case of a disaster. A well-thought-out response plan can prevent lost productivity, limit damages, and avoid negative publicity. Your response plan must include instructions for your response team members on what to do when a data breach occurs. Each member should have a role which is related to his or her expertise.

6. Use complex passwords

In the old days, businesses don’t care much how often employees had to change their passwords. However, with the recent cyber breaches that happened, they have to be more protective.

Security experts always recommend users to regularly change their passwords. In fact, most people have already realized the importance of making passwords difficult to decipher. You must use a combination of upper case letters, numbers, and special characters to hinder thieves from breaking in and stealing your sensitive company data.

7. Install PC protection software

Malwares are a well-known computer attacker that can damage your machine in different ways. These cybercriminals pose a serious threat to your files, finances, and online identity. As such, it is important to always keep yourself ready in case of cyber-attacks.

You must have reliable pc protection software to safeguard your computer against viruses.

Antivirus software offers real-time protection for your computer, scanning your system quickly to detect and delete the infected files or programs. What’s more, it keeps your data from being corrupted, which will save you a lot of time and effort.

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