Virus Removal Guide: Scan and Remove Virus from Computer

Technology has greatly influenced the lives of people living in the modern world. The computer is among the innovations that have made everyday work easier to perform.

From communication, shopping, banking, almost everything is possible from the comfort of the places.  With computer use increasing at a rapid pace, fraudsters and hackers are actively targeting users by creating viruses, malware, and spyware.

Computer viruses are the threats that have been prowling the internet space. As a result, computer security has become a hot button topic in the digital world.  Here is a guide to detect and remove virus from computer easily.

Remove Virus from Computer

Computer Virus – What is it?

Computer viruses are rampant in the technology-driven world. These viruses are software programs that are designed to infect computers and other devices.

Viruses are extremely harmful to computers that can distort the functions of a computer. If you are not completely sure if your computer has a virus, below are the signs to detect a virus on your computer.

Improper Functioning

The first sign of a virus is the improper functioning of the computer, which is a cause of concern for computer users.  When it freezes up for no apparent reason, shuts down, or starts without your command or screen starts to blinks, it is highly likely that the virus has entered the system.

Slow Performance

A virus can cripple a computer to the extent that the system walks like a turtle. Slow performance is a typical sign that a computer is infected with a virus.

When programs start taking ages to load, the chances of viruses are immense.  Therefore, users need to search for ways to detect and delete the virus present on the computer.

Pop-Up Messages

Many times people witness unexpected and annoying pop-ups. Users are suggested not to click on such pop-ups because they can further add more malware to the system.

Apart from these strange icons on the screen, users can detect viruses if a computer shows a lack of storage space, inaccessible hard drives, changes in the drives, or unknown programs.

How to Remove Virus from your Computer?

Recognizing the signs of a virus is the beginning step. If your computer displays any of the above signs, it is essential to remove virus from computer as soon as possible. Consider following the below-mentioned tips for the smooth and proper functioning of your computer.

  1. Step 1: Safe Mode
    Firstly, turn off your internet connection to safeguard your personal information. After that, click on the start button to switch off and on your computer.

    When your computer starts turning on, press the F8 button until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu.  Now, select the safe mode and press enter.

    For Windows 10 users, press the shift key along with clicking on Reboot. After a couple of seconds, a full-screen menu will appear. You will have to go to Troubleshooting->Advanced Options->Startup Settings.

    Click on the restart button and then choose the fourth option. After this, you will start noticing your computer running faster.

    There you have it!
  3. Step 2: Delete Temporary Files
    Virus scan becomes imperative when you are in Safe Mode. But you’ll need to delete your Temporary files firstly.  It helps in making the virus scanning speedily.
    Disk Cleanup Tool is all you need to delete the temporary files on your system. You have to trigger it manually by navigating to Start Option->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Disk Cleanup.
    Lastly, select the temporary files and delete the list.
    You are good to go! The process of deleting temporary files may increase the speed of your system and even help you get rid of viruses.

Install Comodo Antivirus for Best Computer Protection

Having a virus on a computer is the worst thing because it spreads like wildfire and destroys the data of a system.  Also, viruses are intended for gaining unauthorized access, stealing personal information, and destroying the system data.

Comodo Antivirus is the safest and easiest way to scan and remove virus from computer. The software allows users to check and delete the viruses that deteriorate the performance of the system.

The antivirus takes the lead in the market because it is compatible with almost all the devices, including a computer, laptops, android, and iOS devices.

It offers users a way to ensure the full protection of the computer from viruses, malware, spyware, and other critical issues. With single-click scanning, complete application control, cloud-based analysis, and personalized protection alerts, you are assured with the best computer security features.

Final Thoughts 

Taking steps to ensure the protection of your computer is the best idea.  The above two methods are useful to remove virus from computer. So, don’t procrastinate, keep your computer clean with one of the leading and most trusted antivirus software.

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