How to Build a Secure Computer Network

Gone are the days when the only option for thieves to break in is through our doors and windows. Though these bold thefts still exist today, the rise of fast-paced technology paved the way for new kinds of thefts to emerge.

Today, instead of doors and windows, thieves are more interested in breaking open computer networks. Cyber-attacks and thefts present more danger because thieves can steal highly valuable information in the comfort of their own seats. What makes these attacks more dangerous is the fact that cyber thieves cannot be caught quickly. This makes them braver to attack again.

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With the dangers that these occurrences pose, how can we fight back and repel these cyber infiltrations? Here are some ways on how to build a secure computer network.

Use Firewall

Hackers today are keeping up with the advancements in cybersecurity. Because of this, it is essential to install the latest available technology that will ensure the safety of your computer network from the latest kind of threats. Enabling a firewall can block any unauthorized access to your computer network system by monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security criteria.

Unpredictable Passwords and Quarterly Update of Passwords

It is recommended to update a password at least every quarter to protect your accounts. Passwords must be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to make it more secure. Avoid the habit of substituting a symbol for similarly shaped letters such as “password.” It is a measure that hackers have foiled long ago; thus, this measure is already obsolete.


Keep Your Anti Virus App Up To Date

The antivirus app or software in your computer should not stagnate. This tool of defense must be updated regularly. Know that hackers are working double-time to keep up with the latest anti virus apps. Do not wait until they figure out how to crack your protection if you don’t want your whole computer network to be compromised.

With all the threats present today, Comodo Internet Security is armed to the teeth to provide all the necessary protection you need. With years of experience in delivering reliable IT protection, it is well aware of the existing and emerging threats to the global cybersecurity field.

With this, Comodo Internet Security has crafted technologies that can protect you from various cyber-attacks and malware that can steal your private data. It also prevents hackers from making any unauthorized access to your financial, personal, and even medical information.

Furthermore, it safeguards you from the risk of taking your system as a “hostage” by hackers. The software also prevents cyber thieves from monitoring your computer habits, internet activities, keystrokes, and other things that can compromise your system security.

Establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

No matter where you use your device, you can be a victim of a virus or a data breach. Any unprotected internet connection entails a lot of risk, but if you use a VPN, your transmissions become safe. VPN is a network that allows you to safely communicate and transfer files over a public, unencrypted network. With a VPN, you do not have to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands.

Train your employees

It is essential to know that having advanced tools is just one method of achieving reliable protection for your computer. Depending too much on these might prompt you to neglect other areas, which is also crucial for security.

When protecting your system, it is also necessary to train your employees about the best security practices. Employees must develop familiarity on various risks and steps to minimize the impacts of attacks. They must be trained and educated to prevent any major attacks from taking place in your system. Employees, when trained well, can be your most robust line of defense for your computer system. Cyber thieves just hate well-trained employees because they stop them on their tracks.

Final Thoughts

With well-versed employees and advanced security tools, you can be sure that your system is well protected, from end-to-end.

If you are looking for the best antivirus, choose Comodo Internet Security. It features antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-rootkit features. We monitor the activities of all applications and block any action that could damage your operating system and personal data. Comodo Internet Security also has an auto-sandbox technology that completely isolates untrusted files from the rest of your computer. Safeguard your computer network and block cybercriminals from accessing your system by using Comodo!