What is the best antivirus?

Since viruses and other malware dangers are on the ascent like never before, you may ponder about which antivirus software is the right fit to protect your system from malware guys.

There is  a range of various antivirus developers in the market and we see each of them to profess to be the world pioneer in PC and system security software. 

Try not to be taken away with such fantasy claims. It is extremely vital to get an antivirus software to keep your virtual space healthy and clean. On a fundamental level, I am certain you won't want  your virtual games to be destroyed because of some dreadful malware infection staying undetected by your free security software . 

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What is the Best Antivirus

All the antivirus companies keep their applications  continually updated with the latest virus definitions and security patch fixes. I have myself attempted and tried different antivirus products and I truly feel the need of a decent antivirus scanner. What individuals need to find in a PC  security item is:

  1. A decent automatic scanning system
  2. Capacity to identify and clean infections effortlessly — even the most recent ones we hear in news.  High identification rates at the end of the day
  3. Quicker and lighter updates on the latest virus definitions
  4. User-friendly application with easy configuration

An antivirus is found efficient if it hordes the following features 

  • Robust Detection Rate

    : An antivirus software should be prompt enough to detect all types of malware to ensure that your  PCs are protected. This is one vital feature that any good antivirus would possess.
  • It should not hog your system resources: Any antivirus is considered to be good and efficient, only if it does not consume your  system resources
  • Scanning features: Should be efficient enough to scan boot sectors, perform scans before system start-ups, instant protection, heuristic scanning process, on-demand and on-access scanning, scheduled scanning, instant scanning of downloads, recovery of virus-laden files, creation of scan reports.
  • Convenience: It ought to be simple to use and be genuinely configurable even by beginners and non-specialized users.

Simply installing an Antivirus product won't  suffice. It is vital that  the database is updated frequently with latest virus definitions

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Comodo Internet Security  has been the best so far, with compelling and future proof protection features like auto sandboxing, default-deny protection, containment technology, Host Intrusion Prevention System, cloud-based scanning, and more. Comodo Internet Security stashes some of the premium features and outsmarts the alternatives in the industry. It delivers 360 degree protection to keep you  away from the hackers completely — making your  PCs hacker proof.