How to get a Best Antivirus Download Free?

Antivirus download free! Antivirus download free! Antivirus download free!

These terms are splattered across webpages whenever you search for free antivirus tools. There are hundreds or thousands of such tools offering download free. So, how to choose a good Antivirus available for TRUE download free.

The reason for "True", being that most antivirus solutions selling themselves as freeware, actually are:

  1. trialware for a very limited period
  2. have limited functionality

Hence, they are not actually true free antivirus downloads.

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What are the Essential Features of a Good Antivirus

A good Free Antivirus Software:

  • must be free for life - not a trial version
  • must have all the essential features - no trial/ professional versions, etc.
  • must possess the ability to identify suspicious files
  • have the capability for instant malware removal
  • must provide a proactive defense mechanism against all kinds of malware
  • must enable optimization of system performance
  • must have a linked facility for quick and instant cloud-based malware scanning
  • must feature regular, as well as instant, updates on the new viruses and must always be up-to-date on virus definitions
  • must have a user-friendly interface and provide real-time protection
  • must automatically scan all files, as and when they get downloaded from the internet - with or without the knowledge of the user
  • must provide security while connected to the internet

Comodo Free Antivirus

Comodo, a leading cyber security solution provider, offers a sophisticated antivirus download free, which provides users with essential features that they need, features they  expect, plus more advanced features to thwart the deadly malware of today.

Comodo Free Antivirus drives on a proactive antivirus engine that has the capability to automatically detect and eliminate malware of various hues - viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, keyloggers, etc. Further, it contains powerful multi-type scans - on-demand, on-access, and scheduled scan types. It provides a simple and easy process to run scans. For instant virus scans, users can just use the drag-and-drop facility for the file to be scanned. Complete scans can be scheduled to run at predetermined scheduled times so that it does not affect system performance. 

Important Capabilities Necessary for an Antivirus Solution

The threat of zero-day malware is deadly. Most antivirus solutions work on definition-based detection mechanisms. They can only detect known malware and cannot detect zero-day malware. They are designed to allow all files except the known malware. Whenever the antivirus encounters a file, it scans it and compares it against the files in the virus database. If there is a match, then the encountered file is deemed as malware and either deleted or quarantined. These antivirus solutions allow all other files into the system. This is how zero-day malware penetrates the system to inflict the damage. And only after these activities occur is the infection reported to the vendor and a definition is developed and then uploaded to the malware database. By which time the damage is done.

Comodo Antivirus is the only antivirus that provides protection against all new viruses through a default-deny posture. It allows only safe applications to run, while all unknown applications are run in a container, till a cloud-based verdict of good or bad is obtained. And only if it is good is it  allowed, otherwise  it is deleted. Get Comodo Antivirus Download Free today!